How to Create an Outdoor Fantasy Manipulation in Photoshop

How to Create an Outdoor Fantasy Manipulation in Photoshop

Step 17 - Then the lighting

To make lights is the same as shadows, using a soft brush, then add Gaussian blur and use the layer in soft light as well. you can add several layers to make the image brighter.

Step 18 - Standing out

To make the model and stones stand out, used a smaller brush, and less Gaussian to create this effect.

Step 19 - Some strokes here and there

I used strokes with the pen tool to achieve a better lighting details. Make a strand in every detail of the model and the bg using a small brush, and then use the option brush simulate pressure.

Step 20 - Changing the colors

To change colors you can used photo filters here I used a warming filter. with 50% of fill and opacity.

Step 31 - The Gran Finale

Used channel mixer to end with the lighting effects. remember that the layer has to be in soft light and I apply 80% of opacity. And that's it. We are done.

Final Results


Authors Comment

profileI hope you get good results with this tutorial. You can check more of my art - Andrea García

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  1. The link that goes to the "tree's" stock takes you to the main profile page of elenaDudina's deviantart account and I can't find the specific file you used in this tutorial. Could you possibly have a look and provide an up to date link. I'd really like to try this tutorial but I can't until I have all the stock or find an appropriate alternative :3

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