Freebie: HDR Tone Mapping Photoshop Actions


Create fully-editable HDR photos in Photoshop without 3rd-party software! These actions let you improve the dynamic range of your photos by combining several exposures together. You can even use the simulate tone mapping effects or reveal hidden details from a single photo. Try them out!

HDR Tone Mapping Actions

You can create amazing HDR and DRI effects with fully-editable layers. Note that the video shown is using the premium set which includes more HDR and DRI actions.

If you shoot multiple exposures, you can combine them using this action for natural halo-free HDRI photos.

Only have a single image to work with? Use the Auto DRI action to automatically reveal details in the highlights and shadows without altering the overall look of your photo.

Download HDR Pro

  • DRI Effects
  • HDR Tone Mapping
  • HDR Looks
  • Pro

  • $5


  • 9
  • 3/5/7-Exposure (Flat, Natural, or Strong)
  • 10
  • Pro

  • Free

    Requires paid SparkleStock membership

  • 9
  • 3/5/7-Exposure (Flat, Natural, or Strong)
  • 10


  1. I always enjoy your post while reading. I love your writing style. Photoshop is is very vast. I want to be specialist in photoshop. Keep posting.

  2. Download FREE HDR Pro ???
    … it’s wonderful that you offer this freebie —
    … so please tell me why “download” does nothing more than loop and loop and etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc …

    … is there a motal amongst you with thinking ability to fix this broken link ???