Interview with Digital Painter Cyril Rolando

Interview with Digital Painter Cyril Rolando

Interview with Digital Painter Cyril Rolando

Cyril Rolando is a French digital art painter and a psychologist living in southern France. He likes to work around the emotional aspect of humans and the colors of life as well as he likes the universe of Tim Burton and Hayoa Miyazaki. You will find more of his interesting artworks in this article so read on and enjoy!

Could you tell us where you're from and how you get started in the field of digital arts?

I am french and I live in the southern France. I am psychologist/psychotherapist, digital art is my hobby. I have started to draw in the same time I began my psychologist studies, twelve years ago. I don’t come from a art school, I have just learnt the digital art looking the artworks of other you artists.


Your artworks are very powerful but I have noticed that they are more on a melancholic state. Could you tell us if this is your personal taste of artwork or it is client-based? Why or why not?

I have noticed melancholic state of mind allowed me to do deeper artwork. When I am happy, I feel totally uninspired. I think I draw to free my mind, as if my psychologist job was too heavy, art makes my mind lighter!


I love the way you combine colors to your artworks. Do you have any techniques on choosing a color that will complement the other colors?

Thank you, I don’t really know where I have learnt this kind of combination, but like how contrast can create a kind of balance, sad/happiness, up/down, water/fire. I really like work with the extreme and tense notion, attempting to draw a sad scene with vivid colors for instance!


How long does it take for you to create a digital painting?

I need more than 12 hours to do an artwork but it makes more than two or three weeks to achieve a art piece…
I change my mind a lot of time ( color, composition..) I need time to make my choices :)


Your Ink of Black Thoughts is really captivating. Can tell us a short overview of the process in making this artwork as well as how you came up with this concept?

This artwork comes from a poem I wrote, in french. I wanted to work with the similar words/meanings « ma lettre » (my letter) and « mal-être » (pain). All the french words from the poem are made of double meanings.
It’s speak about the teenage, when you feel bad with/in your body. You wish to surmount your sadness, maybe hurting your body and stay the « ruler » and « master » of your body, making tattoo or get dressed with meaningful clothes.


What do you think is the biggest challenge in terms of your paintings? Have you conquered this challenge yet? If so, how did you do it?

I feel really uninspired since several months, because I feel like if I have told everything I wanted to tell. Each time I want to do a new artwork, I realize I have already treated this thematic or feeling :) My new challenge is to tell something new!

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