Which recent projects have given you the most satisfaction?

The recent project that has given me great satisfaction is what I have worked with Jenofonte S.A.S., in this project we developed digital comics, short films and entertainment products. In this project I realized graphic design for comics (logos, snacks, buttons), I also made the finished artwork and web design. I really like this project because I learn a lot of things and I like the results. With them I will work on a new collaborative project in which I will do photo manipulation for another history of entertainment. You can find more information (in Spanish) on the website.


Given all of the online resources available to train oneself as a designer and photographer, do you think that it’s still important to study design or photography at an institution? Why or why not?

Much depends on the lifestyle of the person and where the person live. Many people struggle to be disciplined with online learning and need someone who guide them or is demanding results, for them it is convenient to study in an institution, but there are other people who like to learn for themselves, and have enough discipline to study , reading, experimenting and required results themselves, for them it is better to study online. Depends on where you live because in many countries require that practitioners are certified for many jobs; this is the case of Colombia where they give great importance to have a diploma certifying your profession and skills.


Lastly, do you have any superstitious beliefs or rules that you live by? If so, can you share it to us?

I have the belief to have faith in yourself, to be better than the day before, to guide you on what you can taste, feel, see and check. I think that you should always learn something new every day although we should not overlook health. I also think it is important to share knowledge, selfishness leaves nothing good, while if you share with others, others will share with you.


More about Jorge Bolaños

You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.

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