Interview with Photographer and Digital Artist Mika Suutari

Interview with Photographer and Digital Artist Mika Suutari
Interview with Photographer and Digital Artist Mika Suutari

Today we are joined by a very talented photographer and digital artist Mika Suutari, a nature photographer from Southern Finland. Her pictures are always filled with a powerful atmosphere that convey the feelings she experiences during the moments she captures. Be inspired by her work and read on!

Can you define photography in your own words.

Photography is very important to me. When I am taking pictures, I forget about everything else around me and focus solely on it. Big part of photography for me is being in the nature in complete silence under a starry sky or on a foggy field. That is why I love it.

Same old barn

Who or what has inspired you? How has it changed your perspective when you were still beginning way back?

Photography is, and always has been, therapeutic for me. It has helped me get through some difficult periods in my private life. Moreover, I love fantasy, SciFi and horror films. I also listen to some quite dark music. These have inspired me, without which I think my pictures would look quite different.


As a photographer  can you share with us the philosophy of your works?

I take pictures for myself. I look at my pictures and see myself and a lot of my feelings in them. Others process their feelings by talking, painting or making music. Photography is that for me. Some of my pictures have deep personal meaning to me.


What mistakes do think are most photographers and artists who are just starting making this days? Can you give any insight or advice?

I believe everyone has to make their own mistakes. You can give advice on technical aspects but to get sense of your own style, you need to take lots of pictures, try out different things and make mistakes until you get the picture to look like how you want it.


You used photo manipulation in some of your works. What role does Photoshop or post-processing play in your workflow?

Lately I have practiced more photo manipulation/ post-processing. I don´t yet consider myself great at it. I want to learn more so I can better achieve the feel I am after.


Can you name 5 artists that really inspired and influenced your work?

When I first started taking pictures, I only took nature photographs and often using a macro. I was impressed by a Finnish nature photographer Ilari Tuupanen. I have definitely been influenced by his style.

I also like Midnight digital artwork, his work is unbelievable. I especially like his post-apocalyptic world.

Mikko Lagersted has also impressed me and influenced the way I take pictures. We are practically neighbours, living only 20km away from each other. We have also taken pictures of the same locations.

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