Free Download: Photoshop Actions for Real Estate Photographers

Free Download: Photoshop Actions for Real Estate Photographers
Free Download: Photoshop Actions for Real Estate Photographers

If you shoot photos of any home or property, then you’ll need these Photoshop actions by SparkleStock. These actions are specifically designed for real estate photographers and they let you easily enhance white walls, make cloudy skies look blue, and much more. There’s also an action that corrects distortions from fix wide angle lens using the “Volume Deformation” technique found in expensive 3rd party software.

Action Features

Here are some of the things you can do with these Photoshop actions. The Lite version is a free download with a limited set of actions and the Pro version is a paid download with additional actions.

Fix Wide Angle Lens Distortions with Volume Deformation

A lot of times, you need to use a wide-angle lens to fit everything into your photo. Sadly, these lenses also create distortions that can make objects around the edge look too wide/long (ex. the TV in the image). With the Volume Deformation action, you can fix these issues. In the lite version, you can apply one level of volume deformation. The Pro version will let you apply up to five levels.

Improve White Walls, Appliances, Etc.

Varying interior lighting can cause unpleasant color casts on walls and other white/gray/black objects. Use the "Improve White Walls" action to easily and quickly restore the whiteness in white walls. In the Pro version, you can use the "Neutralize Colors" action to further improve the look of stainless steel appliances, cement countertops, and any other neutral-color objects.

Restore Blue Skies and Enhance Foliage

Sunny days with clear blue skies are amazing times to photograph the exterior of homes. For cloudy days, you can use the "Blue Skies" action. In addition to restoring overexposed or cloudy skies, the action can be used to deepen blue skies similar to what a polarizing filter does. There's also an "Enhance Foliage" action in the Pro version to easily improve the colors of grass, trees, and other green/red foliage.

Create Twilight from Night Photos

Turn any night photo into twilight photos! After playing the "Twilight" action, simply paint over your sky then adjust the layer opacity to fine tune the settings. This action can also be used to improve the colors of any twilight photo.

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  1. Too bad that free download code for those Real Estate Photoshop Actions you promised for sign up doesn't work. Instead, it directs you to some Lomo effects. Not what I was looking for.

    1. Sorry for the confusion. The free download on the sidebar is for the 57 Photoshop actions (not these real estate actions).

  2. I won't be downloading to use this myself, but I just wanted to say - thank you, great share as per usual!

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