Create a Captivating Street Dance Competition Poster with Photoshop

Create a Captivating Street Dance Competition Poster with Photoshop

Step 46

Using Polygonal lasso tool, create a selection like shown in the example below.

Step 47

Click the add layer mask button to convert the selection into layer mask.

Step 48

The most important things, change the blend mode to Screen to hide those black color. Now you can easily transform the lens flare as you wish.

Step 49

Duplicate the lens flare, place it between the bird and dancer as shown in the example below. Congratulations! you've done creating the poster :)

Final Results


Download the PSD

Tutorial by Jayan Saputra

profileThank you for following this tutorial! i hope you can find something useful after practicing every steps in it. If you get inspired by this, that is some good news because I love to see your work, so feel free to post it here. Anyway, you can find me on or contact me at [email protected] - Jayan Saputra

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20 comments on “Create a Captivating Street Dance Competition Poster with Photoshop”

  1. Thanks for sharing such useful tutorial. i am big fan of street dancing and making the poster for street dancing that will be awesome. Definitely going to follow your tips in the next poster of street dance.

  2. Thanks for offering this! I learned some new tricks as I worked my way through your tutorial. You have a very artistic eye, too.

  3. I've always wondered how these posters were made, now I know! I really like the subtle touch of the bird's feathers. Thank you for sharing. I'm looking forward to using some of these techniques in my own work.

    1. draw an ellipse shape, set the fill color to red and set the stroke width/size to 5px, pick white as stroke color (i made this with photoshop cs6)

      after that, just add layer style Stroke

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