Learn how to create this surreal mountain landscape in Photoshop. In this tutorial you’ll learn how you can create a mountain scene and how to add creepy trees to your scene without making the selections. You will also learn how to create shadows, lights, work with layer mask, adjustments layers and much more.

What you’ll be creating

First of all we will create a dark cloudy atmosphere using landscape, moon and clouds images. Next we’ll add the mountains to the scene and you will learn how you can create a surreal mountain landscape. After that we will add creepy trees to the scene and you’ll learn how to blend them less than in few minutes. Then we’ll add lamps, model, crow and we will also create a lights, shadow to make it realistic. At the end finish it up with using adjustments layers properly. You’ll need Photoshop CS5 or newer to follow this tutorial.

Tutorial Resources

Step 1

First of all download all the resources and keep them in a folder because it make’s easier to follow the tutorial. Now start by creating a new document by selecting File>new and set the setting as shown in below or you can go for higher setting.

Step 2

Now, Place it as shown in the image by selecting File>Place. We use Place command because Photoshop will automatically place the image as smart objects.

Step 3

Add a layer mask to the landscape by clicking add layer mask button(second button) on layer panel. Select a soft round black brush by pressing (B) on the keyboard then paint on the layer mask as shown in the image below.

Step 4

Next, add a Hue/Saturation(layer>new adjustment layer>hue/saturation or see the image below)adjustment layer then click the button shown in the image to create a clipping mask and set the hue to 0, saturation to -47 and lightness to -52 as shown in the image. Now select the landscape and hue/saturation adjustment layer by holding shift key and then group them by pressing CMD/CTRL+G. Name that group base.

Step 5

Now, place the sky image and place it below the landscape layer.

Step 6

Add a curves adjustment layer(layer>new adjustment layer>curves) to the sky and set is as shown in the image.
Here is the result.

Step 7

Add Hue/Saturation adjustment layer for sky to dark it and set the set the hue to 0, saturation to -48 and lightness to -42 setting as shown in the image.

Step 8

Now, place the moon image above the sky layer as shown in the image.

Step 9

Add a layer mask to moon image and pick a soft black brush then paint on the layer mask as shown in the image below. You can see the result on layer mask.

Step 10

Add Hue/Saturation adjustment layer to the and clip it to moon layer. Set the set the hue to 0, saturation to -100 and lightness to -18

Step 11

Next, Add a Exposure adjustment layer to moon and clip it to moon layer. Select the all moon layer and group them. Name that group moon .

Step 12

Here is the result and process so far.

Step 13

We have a created a dark atmosphere and it time to add the mountain image. So, place the mountain 1 image below the base group and activate the transform tool by pressing CTRL+T. Then right click and choose warp tool. Alter the shape of image as shown in the image .

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