Step 37

Create a new layer and select the soft round brush with opacity and flow set to 30%. Choose color #1f3343 and paint it as shown below
change the blend mode of this layer to color dodge and here are the result.

Step 38

Again, make new layer and this time paint light on ground(white arrow indicating) with same color in previous step then change the blend mode to color dodge.

Step 39

Place the death valley tree.

Step 40

Add a layer mask to the tree and select the soft round black brush then paint on layer mask it as shown in the image.

Step 41

Set the blend mode to multiply and as you can see we have blended the tree without making the selection. Don’t worry about the blue part we’ll fix it later with final adjustments layers.

Step 42

Add a level adjustment to tree and clip it then set the setting as shown in the image.
Here is the result.

Step 43

Now, duplicate the tree layer one more time.

Step 44

Add a levels adjustment to this layer then clip it and set the setting as shown in the image. This time reduce the opacity to 48%.
Here is the result.

Step 45

Paint shadows by choosing soft round black brush. The white arrow indicating where to paint shadows. Select all the tree layers and group them. Name it creepy trees.

Step 46

Add a curves adjustment layer don’t clip it and set the setting as shown in the image. Then select a soft round black brush and paint on the curves layer mask. Because I want to lighten the landscape.
You can see the effect of the curves adjustment layer and as a result it lighten the part which is indicated by white arrows.

Step 47

Now, place the lamp image and add a layer mask to it. On lamp layer mask, White arrow indicating where to paint with soft round black brush. So, It looks like that the lamp is hanging.

Step 48

Add a hue/Saturation adjustment layer and clip it to lamp. On layer mask of this layer make a dot with soft round brush.
Here is the result.

Step 49

To make the glowing light on lamp, I Created a new layer and pick soft round brush with 100% opacity and flow also set the size to 100. Choose the color #874b1d and make two stroke on lamp. Then change the blend mode to linear dodge and reduce the opacity to 71%. Name this layer lamp lights.

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