Create a Hungry Bear Composite in Photoshop

Create a Hungry Bear Composite in Photoshop
Create a Hungry Bear Composite in Photoshop

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create an emotional scene using photo-manipulation skills. You’ll learn how to play with color, blend using adjustment layers and brush, add texture, work with lighting effect and more.

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Step 1

Let’s start with creating new document in Photoshop. Go to File > New .. Set its Width on 862px, Height on 1168px and Resolution on 300Pixels/Inch. Press OK.

Step 2

Now, Place Land Stock and name it "Land" As it shown.


Step 3

Place Cave Stock as it shown and name it "Cave".

Step 4

Use Pen Tool make path around the cave as it shown.

Step 5

After Finish the path press right click and choose Make Selection and make Feather Radius 0.9 pixels as it shown.

Step 6

Now you made selection around cave as it shown.

Step 7

Click on "Add Layer Mask" Or Go to Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal Selection.


Step 8

Now You made the area inside the selection visible(white area in the mask) and the rest of area invisible(black area in the mask) as it shown.


Step 9

On the mask layer, use soft brush with (size : 145 px / hardness 50%) as it shown.


Step 10

Now make sure you are using Black color then, paint on the area which front of cave as it shown.


Step 11

Open Trees File and use this one.


Step 12

Take this tree to Design file and name it Cave Curves as it shown, then Add Layer Mask to it.


Step 13

Now Transform the layer to adjust the Cave, then use Soft Brush with black color and paint in Layer Mask.


Step 14

Repeat it Around the cave as it shown ,then put them in Group and Name it Cave's Grass.


Step 15

Use Same technique With others trees around Cave to get it like that.


Step 16

Now Add Layer Mask To "land" Layer.


Step 17

Use black Brush and Paint the are behind the cave as it shown(paint in Layer Mask).


Step 18

Place "River" stock between "Land" layer and "Cave" layer as it shown.


Step 19

Add Layer Mask To "River" layer as it shown.


Step 20

Use black Brush and Paint the are behind the cave as it shown(paint in Layer Mask).


Step 21

Place "Mountain" file and transform it as it shown.

Step 22

Using Quick Selection Tool Make Selection around "Mountains"

Step 22

Using Quick Selection Tool Make Selection around "Mountains"

Step 23

Now Add Layer Mask to "Mountains" Layer and that what you get.

Step 24

Now make sure you standing on "Mountains" layer (not the mask) and go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and make Radius 1.0 pixels then press OK.

Step 25

Place Bridge Stock.

Step 26

Place Grass File.

Step 27

Transform "Grass" Layer to adjust with "Bridge" as it shown.

Step 28

Now Add Layer Mask to "Grass" layer and use Black soft Brush to hide unnecessary pieces it shown.

Step 29

Now Create a new color balance adjustment layer, then Create a clipping mask by press Right click on "color balance" layer and select Create a clipping mask OR press Alt+Ctrl+G.


Step 30

Now we will try to adjust "Grass" layer with the grass of Background by using the "color balance" with this properties.


Step 31

Duplicate "Bridge" Layer and name it "Bridge Shadow".

Step 32

Double Click on "Bridge Shadow" Layer To open layer Style, then go to Color Overlay and select Black Color as it shown.


Step 33

Now we use free transform by clicking on Ctrl+T then transform it to get the image below.


Step 34

Now Lower the opacity to 25% , then go to Filter > Blur > Box Blur and make the Radius 2 Pixels and press OK.


That's What we Get.


Step 35

Now Place Sky Stock as it shown.


Step 36

Now we Gonna start add the Model but, first Open the Model Stock and cut it out from the background then add it to the Design.

Step 37

Using Same technique we have use it in "Bridge" layer, we start adding Grass around the model.

Create New Color Balance Adjustment layer and use it as clipping mask to Grass Layer as it shown.


Step 38

Keep using same technique around the rest of model to get the image below.

Step 39

Now we need to hide the background from the bear stock, we will use the pen tool and draw the path around the bear, then make selection around the bear and clear the background as it shown.

Now Create New Layer and use Smudge tool with this properties.


Start paint around the bear as it shown.


Finally you should get the bear like that.


Step 40

Now marge the bear layer with the other layer and drop them into the design.

Step 41

Go to Filter > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen then do like the image below.


Step 42

Add Grass Around Bear's Leg with the same technique we have used with the model.

Step 43

Duplicate "Bear" Layer and name it "Bear Shadow, then press douple click on it and select Color Overlay and choose Black Layer as it shown.

Now Transform it by click Ctrl+T and transform it as it shown.


Use Eraser tool with soft brush as it shown then eras the frot area of shadow.


Lower the opacity Of "Bear Shadow" to 30%, then go to Filter > Blur > Box blur and make the Radius : 7 Pixels then press OK.


Step 44

Place Vulture Stock to Design as it shown.

Step 45

Create New Layer and Use Soft Brush with Black Color then paint the shadow under the Vulture.

Step 46

Place Tortoise as it shown.

Step 47

Add Grass Around the "Tortoise" layer using the same technique.

Step 48

Add Leaves To Design as it Shown, then Transform by click Ctrl+T then press Right Click and select Warp.

Now Transform it as it shown.


Go To Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and make the Radius : 1.5 Pixels then press OK.


Use The same technique and place the rest of leaves to get like the image below.


Step 49

Use soft Brush (Size : 400 px / Hardness 0%) with this color : f2c979.

Step 50

Use this brush and paint in this area as it shown.


Lower the opacity to 50% and change the Blending Mood To Screen.


Use Different Sizes Of the brush and paint above the Cave and make the opacity between 40% to 60%.


Step 51

Go To Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color and Choose this color:4c591a then press OK.

Lower the Opacity to 40% ,the fill to 50% and change the Blending Mood to Overlay.


Step 52

Place Texture 1 as it shown.

Lower the opacity to 50% , Fill : 80% and change Blending mood to Soft Light.


Step 53

Place Texture 2 as it shown..


Lower the opacity to 50% , Fill : 85% and change the blendeing mood to Screen.


Step 54

Place Texture 3 as it shown.

Create a new Black & White adjustment layer.


Change light to : e1ad35 as it shown.

Now Right Click on "Black & White" Layer and select Create Clipping Mask or press Alt+Ctrl+G.


Now Lower the opacity of Texture 3 layer to 60% and change Blending Mood to Soft Light.


Step 55

Now Create New Group and name It "Effects" and in it create those adjustments and focus on Blending Mood, Opacity and Fill.

Final Results


Tutorial by Moustafa Sharaf El-Din


Thank you for following the tutorial. I hope it's useful for you and hope you learn today something that gonna help on your projects i'm Moustafa Sharaf El-Din from Egypt and if you wanna contanct with me, You can find me here:

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