How to Create an Awesome Splashing Sneaker in Photoshop

How to Create an Awesome Splashing Sneaker in Photoshop

Step 14

We want to keep it simple so we will add just a couple of adjustment layers to increase the contrast. First add Gradient Map adjustment layer with black and white as default colors and change it's blend mode to Overlay. Lower the opacity of this layer to 74%.


Step 15

For some further contrast add Black &White adjustment layer rand change the blend mode to overlay. Lower the opacity to 50%.


Step 16

As a final step let's add some text to make it look classier. I used Bebas Neue font.


Final Results

Download the PSD

Tutorial by Adrian Scheff


Thanks for following my tutorial and I hope you learned something useful from it. You can see some of my other art deviations here . Have fun Photoshopping!!

- Adrian Scheff

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48 comments on “How to Create an Awesome Splashing Sneaker in Photoshop”

  1. They kind of obviously added and altered some things themselves... like with one of the splashes it was kind of obvious they used the clone tool to make it more realistic

  2. This is an awesome project I'd love to do with my class, but I can't download the files anymore....when I click on the link there's an error :(

  3. In Step 7 I think it's :'Repeat the instructions from step 5 but this time use file “19”' and not 'Repeat the instructions from step 5 but this time use file “9”'. ;) And btw Great tuto

  4. I really appreciate your struggle, awesome tutorial to learn photoshop.... simply amazing, i shared it on my site..

  5. This is really a great job thanks for share. Anyone get this type of clipping path service from us.

  6. This isn't really well explained and maybe you should edit that when it says open file 9 you should open file 19

  7. Step 7 should be file "19" not file "9". This is a great tutorial but it's a shame you didn't explain how adjustment layers work a little better. They are difficult to understand for most beginning Photoshop users.

    1. @djodjooo Thanks for the tip! The link has been fixed and you can download it here:

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