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Create a Captivating Street Dance Competition Poster with Photoshop


Step 42

To get the “depth of field” illusion, we need to use Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur menu. Adjust the Radius value around 1,5 px then click OK.


Step 43

Next, we add another feather with the same technique as the previous one. Place it on top left corner, and apply the Gaussian blur filter again, but this time use Radius 1px.


Step 44

Add the third feather on the right side of the red circle, above the bird. Use radius value 0,5 for the Gaussian blur filter.


Step 45

Make sure you already got the lens flare pack from here. Go to File> Place and select the lens flare image you like to insert, mine is “optical-7”. Hit Enter to apply the image as a Smart Object. Oh, and don’t forget to place it above all layers.


Step 46

Using Polygonal lasso tool, create a selection like shown in the example below.


Step 47

Click the add layer mask button to convert the selection into layer mask.


Step 48

The most important things, change the blend mode to Screen to hide those black color. Now you can easily transform the lens flare as you wish.


Step 49

Duplicate the lens flare, place it between the bird and dancer as shown in the example below. Congratulations! you’ve done creating the poster :)


Final Results


Download the PSD

Tutorial by Jayan Saputra

profileThank you for following this tutorial! i hope you can find something useful after practicing every steps in it. If you get inspired by this, that is some good news because I love to see your work, so feel free to post it here. Anyway, you can find me on or contact me at

– Jayan Saputra

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