Many people struggle to replicate color grading and end up creating an excessive amount of layers. The two-layer color grading technique is a simple way to create photo effects with a minimal and understandable set of layers. This technique can also be used in other software such as Lightroom, Capture One, etc. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to achieve nearly any effect using the two-layer technique.

17 responses to “How to Use the Two-Layer Color Grading Technique”

  1. Lucas Campau Avatar
    Lucas Campau

    Film effects have always been some of my favorites. Thank you for the tutorial!

  2. arun Avatar

    wat the hell

  3. Old-n Avatar

    I Can’t open this video

  4. David Sosnowski Avatar
    David Sosnowski


  5. Lee Robbins Avatar
    Lee Robbins

    Nice tutorial. Many others are cool too!

  6. Jeff Jansen Avatar
    Jeff Jansen

    Why post this if no one can see it…. stupid

    1. Mandy Denise Gomez Avatar
      Mandy Denise Gomez

      You can. There’s another button you click that says click here/answer question to read the rest of the material. Then the video pops up in the text area.

  7. lord scott Avatar
    lord scott

    hi same problem here.

  8. sagar Avatar

    Can’t open this video, says, this video is private

    1. Marvin Avatar

      What stupidity !!! Where did you discover these “dummies” with nothing better then questions in order to read tech info on your web site landing page …

  9. Ds Pinkston Avatar
    Ds Pinkston

    Would like to see this if it is made public; is marked private at this time

  10. Tu Hoang Anh Avatar
    Tu Hoang Anh

    Video is private

  11. Mart V D Heuvel Avatar
    Mart V D Heuvel

    I cannot see it !!!!

  12. Łukasz Sztormowski Avatar
    Łukasz Sztormowski

    Video is private. Can not see.

    1. Łukasz Sztormowski Avatar
      Łukasz Sztormowski

      Great:) Now is visible for everyone.

  13. coby Avatar

    I cannot see it !!!!

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