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How to Create This Amazing Artwork of a Great Enchantress in Photoshop


Step 13

Go to File > Place and select the image of wave.


Step 14

Now transform the image placed so that a large wave was a little farther from the edge of the document and the edges of the wave touches the shore landscape and rotate the image by an angle -12, 30.


Step 15

Now duplicate the layer with the wave and transform it. Click LMB from the list, select Flip Horizontal. To apply the changes, click Enter. Move the wave a little left.


Step 16

Now duplicate the layer with the wave and change its size. Make it a little smaller and move it closer to the falls.


Step 17

Now merge the layers with a wave of the group. Click on the desired layers hold Shift and click on the folder icon in the Layers panel or the short key Ctrl+ G. Rename the group, double click on the group name and call it “wave”.


Step 18

Now remove the unwanted parts of waves that they are only in the riverbed. Add to each layer with a layer mask clicking on the mask icon in the Layers panel.


Step 19

Select the Brush Tool (B) and use the settings: Size: 200px, Hardness: 0% Opacity: 75%, Flow: 70%. Be sure to check the main color black.


Step 20

Remove unnecessary part of each layer. make invisible the upper layers by clicking the eye icon near the desired layer. So it will be easier to work.


Step 21

Change the brush size that you feel comfortable. Otherwise, you can remove what you need. To change the brush size shout RMB in our document and set the desired size.


Step 22

On the first and second layer, remove portions of the image beyond the borders of the river. Most of the sea, so that only stay the wave. The main thing is not to damage the crest of a wave.




Step 23

That’s how I got.


Step 24

I do not like the color of the waves, so I added some adjustment layers to the group with the waves to change their color. The first is a photo filter. Go to Layer> New Adjustment Layer > Photo Filter.


or click on the icon add an adjustment layer in the Layers palette.


Step 25

In the appeared window, enter the following settings: Filter – Cooling Filter (82), Density -16%.


Step 26

Adding a second layer. Go to Layer> New Adjustment Layer > Color Balance. In the appeared window, enter the following settings: Tone – Midtones, Cyan: -31, Yellow +35.


Step 27

Here’s how is it after adding adjustment layers.


Step 28

I want the image looked more realistic. So, I’ll add little waves. Go to File > Place and select the desired file.


Step 29

Transform file placed so that the edges placed at the edge of the image came shores.


Step 30

Add a mask to this layer and previous Brush (Size: 200px, Hardness: 0% Opacity: 75%, Flow: 70%) and clean the parts of the image, where they not needed. Be sure to remove the waves from the shore and horizon. Not to make such a sharp transition waves near the horizon change brush opacity and size settings.

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