How to Create This Amazing Artwork of a Great Enchantress in Photoshop

How to Create This Amazing Artwork of a Great Enchantress in Photoshop

Step 83

It remains to add 2 more fish :) Repeat all have done with the last fish. I duplicate it once. Placed as shown in the figure.


Step 84

Now I want to add shadows to the belly of fish and make them a little brighter. To do this, add two adjustment layers.


Step 85

The first layer is the Color Balance.


Step 86

In the window that appears, for midtones and highlights, set the settings as shown in the figure. Tone can change by clicking on the "tone". Be sure to apply to a group of adjustment layer.


Step 87

Next adjustment layer is Hue/Saturation…


Step 88

Set the settings as shown in the figure.


Step 89

Our work with a fish is complete! Here is the result.


Step 90

I really wanted to add the magic, so I used the space. Begin to create space landscape. Go to File> Place and select file with two yellow planet.


Step 91

Select the with planets and click on folder icon in Layer panel to add in group the short key Ctrl+ G. Name it “Galaxy” Space group must be a under group with the model.


Step 92

Transform the planets (the short key Ctrl+ T). Reduce their size so that they are slightly larger than the model and move them behind model head as shown in the figure.


Step 93

Add a layer mask picture with planets and take the Brush Tool (B) on the toolbar.


Step 94

Remove some of the dark using a Brush Tool (B) Size: 135px, Hardness: 0% Opacity: 60% Flow: 100%. Do not forget to set black color as your foreground color.


Step 95

Here's how should get.


Step 96

The next step I did the wings of galaxies. I saw an amazing thing that the shape of the galaxy resembles wings and decided that it would be watered in addition to picture Go to File> Place and select file with galaxies.


Step 97

Transform the galaxies (the short key Ctrl+ T).  Increase their size by pulling the cubes on the edges of the selection. Tilt them slightly (-17, 88).


Step 98

Duplicate this layer. Transform it. Press the short key Ctrl+ T. Click RMB on the document, in the drop-down list, select Flip Horizontal. Move this layer slightly to the right to get a symmetrical.


Step 99

Now change the blending mode of both layers with galaxies. In the Layers palette. Click on the “normal” and from the drop down list, select “Lighten”.


Step 100

Here so I got.


Step 101

Next, remove the unnecessary part of the galaxy and stars. Add a mask to the group “Galaxy”.


Step 102

Remove some of the stars using a Brush Tool (B) Size: 230px, Hardness: 0% Opacity: 100% Flow: 100%. Do not forget to set black color as your foreground color.


Step 103

Here is my result.


Step 104

The picture was lighter and more mysterious; I added space and fiery flying butterflies. Get down! Go to File > Place and add photo with butterflies. Reduce their size.


Step 105

Create a new group and name it “butterflies”. This group will be sorted butterfly on the right and left. Then color. In this group will fire.

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  1. Whew, this is a looooooooooooong tutorial. I followed it and once you get into all the layers, it is amazing what you can pull out of the other end. Thanks!

  2. This looks horrible, most of them has said it to be beautiful, but very frankly it seems like everything has been forced upon to put together without matching itself.
    Art is not a mere claustrophobic thing, it should be simple but elegant. There are many brilliant Photoshop manipulation which looks beautiful, true many things have been imposed but there is a perfect balance in them. I am very sorry, that this manipulation is not impressive nor very attractive, mere imposing of glitters or emphasising of too many characters with rainbow colours will not make everything beautiful, hoping to get more creative and good manipulative PS from you.

  3. Great job on this! You made something that is usually pretty confusing very simple and easy to understand. I LOVE your tutorial.

  4. I love your work, how to look like, I spent a long time learning PS, but do not produce good works, I would like to chat with you, but I can't speak English well, Hello, friend.

  5. I would like to know if there is a difference with the photoshop version your using and adobe photoshop elements 10? I was trying to follow this step by step but my version is different please help.

    1. Hi ShadowPuma, I'm a T2G dev student too. In the same siittuaon you were in really. Iv been working on my portfolio projects in section 2 and I'm struggling to find any extra information outside of the course content and one useful site on path finding. I haven't had any luck with any of the other subjects so do you have any useful links you could send my way? would really appreciate it. Nice work on this site too by the way.regards

    1. Thank you very much!I am very pleased!
      I hope tutorial has been useful to you.

    1. Thank you very much!I am very pleased!
      I hope tutorial has been useful to you.

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