How to Create a Wallpaper with Technology Text Effect in Photoshop


Step 7

Now create texture of pixellated camouflage. I thought it would look interesting and stylish. For create this I used Adobe Illustrator CC. If you can not have Illustrator or do not want to waste time, just use your favorite shape from pack and go to Step 12. In this few steps I told you how to create interesting abstract shapes in Illustrator. Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new document with Width: 1920, Height: 1200, Raster Effects: 300ppi.


Step 8

Take a Rectangle Tool (M). Set for Fill and Stroke the same color (in my case is black but you can use any color). Draw rectangles an abstract shape like in image bellow. There are no rules, or exact match. You can create your own version of which will be better than mine. The main thing is the principle.


Step 9

Select all rectangles with Selection Tool (V) make a right click > Group or go to Object > Group. Create a brush from this figure. Go to Brush panel (Window > Brushes) and click on list icon at the bottom of Brush panel. In widow that appear set "Art Brush" and hit OK. Now you need set up you're brush.


In the settings window, set the following new brush settings - Brush Scale Options: "Stretch to Fit Stroke Length", Direction: "Stroke From Left to Right", Colorization: Tints, Overlap: "Adjust corners and folds to prevent overlaps" and click OK to apply settings.


Step 10

Delete abstract shape and draw rectangle (Rectangle Tool (M)) 514.378 pt Width and 315.584 pt Height. Select rectangle and apply art brush (just click on on the desired brush). Experiment with the size of the rectangle and brush. In exactly this way are created with abstract circles in Hi-Tech form (as you probably guessed the basis is Ellipse Tool (L)). You can also create more brushes and each new brush will give a completely different form.


Step 11

When you're happy with the result and decide to continue photo manipulation with the desired figure copy this shape (Cmd/Ctrl + C or go to Edit > Copy), open Photoshop and paste it (Edit > Paste or Cmd/Ctrl + V) in working document.


Step 12

To adjust the color and size of the figure, I advise you to paste this shape as "Shape Layer". With Free Transform Tool (Cmd/Ctrl +T or Edit > Free Transform) play around with the size and position of the figure to find interesting piece (I personally only slightly increased the size). Be sure to set Fill and Stroke color to black (you can adjust shape with Rectangle Tool (U)). If you use a shape from my set do not forget to add "Stroke", otherwise you will get a slightly different shape.


Step 13

Convert shape to Smart Object (right - click on layer > Convert to Smart Object or go to Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object) and Set Blending Mode "Soft Light", Opacity: 50%, Fill: 50%.


Step 14

Now play around with filters. First, transform abstract shapes into pixellated camouflage. A little experimenting I chose this option because it supports the atmosphere of the picture. So, go to Filter > Stylize > Tiles. Set Number Of Tiles to 10 and Maximum Offset to 10%, Fill Empty Area With: "Inverse Image". You can also continue playing with filters to find interesting look.


Step 15

To resulting image I decided to add a little texture. Go to Filter > Style > Wind. Set Method to "Wind" and Direction to "From the Right". In my pictures, I use this filter, because it is very well to convey the effect of digital artifacts or something like that. And it looks successfully if you try to apply it correctly :).

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