Photoshop Actions


Free Download: 3 Awesome Actions to Create Watercolor and Acrylic Painting Effects

by on June 20, 2014

Turn any photo into a beautiful painting with these Photoshop actions by SparkleStock! To create the realistic painting effects, these actions combine Photoshop filters with seamless textures created from real watercolor and acrylic paint. These actions will work if you have Photoshop CS3 or newer so download and try them out now!

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Free Download: Glitch Art Effects for Photoshop

by on May 13, 2014

Glitch art is an art movement that emphasizes on the artifacts and bugs caused by corrupting the digital code in your image. There are many ways to create glitch art including obscuring the image code yourself with a hex editor, using a glitch art generator, or with these more stylize and less authentic glitch-art actions for Photoshop. These actions by SparkleStock are an easy way to create glitch-art-like effects and they easy to use.

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Real Estate Photo Retoucher by SparkleStock

Free Download: Photoshop Actions for Real Estate Photographers

by on April 23, 2014

If you shoot photos of any home or property, then you’ll need these Photoshop actions by SparkleStock. These actions are specifically designed for real estate photographers and they let you easily enhance white walls, make cloudy skies look blue, and much more. There’s also an action that corrects distortions from fix wide angle lens using the “Volume Deformation” technique found in expensive 3rd party software.

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Free Download: Create Retro 3D Typography From Any Plain Text

by on April 11, 2014

Add amazing retro typography styles to any text or shape with these Photoshop actions by SparkleStock. These Photoshop CS6/CC actions are great for typography posters, retro logos, or anything flat that needs to stand out. Download and try them out on your project!

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Free Download: Awesome Lego Mosaic Actions

by on April 3, 2014

Photoshop actions can do some amazing tricks and these new Brick Mosaic actions by SparkleStock will turn your photos into brick mosaics with just one click! Simply play the action that you want and the effect will be created for you automatically.  Download and try them out today!

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