Book Overview: Prime – The Definitive Digital Art Collection

by on January 21, 2013

Looking for an inspiring coffee table book? “Prime – The Definitive Digital Art Collection” is a book that will spark a conversation in any room. This collection contains 5 books with over 400 paintings from some of the industry’s best digital artists and we’re happy to showcase it to you courtesy of 3DTotal who sent us this book.

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Digital Painting Techniques Volume 4 Book Review

by on September 13, 2012

Volume 4 of Digital Painting Techniques from 3DTotal is out and we’re reviewing it! This book contains a compilation of walkthroughs & tutorials from professional digital artists around the world and will teach you a variety of subjects and painting styles. What’s inside this book? Should you buy it? Read this review to find out.

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Book Review: Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting In Photoshop

by on March 6, 2012

Ever dream of creating those stunning Photoshop paintings you see by other artists? This book will show you everything from painting for beginners to advance tips for the pros. See what’s inside and find out if this book is right for you!

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