Create this fun cutout effect that makes the subject look like it’s coming in or out of a printed photo. In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to use Photoshop’s Extract tool, layer masks, and layer styles to create a cutout from a photo.

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Photo Cutout Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1: Open a photo into Photoshop

To begin this tutorial, open a photo into Photoshop. To do this, open the File menu and select Open. Browse for and select a photo with a subject that you can use as a cutout then click OK.

Step 2: Duplicate the layer

Press Ctrl+J to duplicate the layer.

Step 3: Open the Extract tool

To extract the subject, we’ll be using Photoshop’s Extract tool. Open the Filter menu and select Extract.

Step 4: Extract the subject

To extract the subject out of the photo, we highlight the edge around the subject with a brush. Before we begin, select a brush size that is just thick enough to cover the edge. Then, checkmark “Smart Highlighting”. Now press Ctrl++ to zoom in until you can see the pixels clearly. Paint over the edge of the subject. When you reach the edge of the screen, hold the spacebar, click, and drag to move to a different part of the photo. When highlighting the edge, let go of the mouse button every few seconds. This way, when you make a mistake, you can simply press Ctrl+Z to undo that small portion. Although extracting can be quite boring, if stay slow and steady, you can avoid mistakes and complete this step faster.

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