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Everybody loves angels or demons – this is really popular theme in photo manipulations. You will create something new on the fundaments of old theme. You will earn much tricks for making your own photomanips. Sounds interesting? Read this tutorial and find out how easy it is!

What you’ll be creating

You will need Photoshop CS5 or newer to follow this tutorial. You will start by creating night background, then you will learn how to make lights on model and how to create this amazing wings. At the end you will learn, how to make an awesome aura effect.


Tutorial Resources

Step 1

Start from creating 1122x1600px canvas.


Step 2

Place “Sunny day” Into your file. Switch transform to warp mode. Then warp it as is shown. It will make foreground bigger.


Step 3

Now you will adjust whole layer to rest of the idea. Add Adjustment layer with Brightness/Contrast. Set it as is shown.


Step 4

I think this layer is too saturated. Fix it with adjustment layer – Hue/ Saturation.


It will be night, soon. Add color/Balance for making it. More blue and less red will be okay.


Step 5

Place sky stock into your file. Mask bottom of this layer with big brush.


Step 6

Sky is too bright and with big contrast. Fix it, by adding Brightness/Contrast layer. Make it clipping by clicking RMB on layer with Adjustment and choose Create Clipping Mask.


Step 7

Add more color to this layer by creating Adjustment layer with color Balance. Also make it clippy (RMB > Create clipping mask).


Step 8

Set #5e7184 color. Choose from Adjustments – Gradient fill. Set your color to transparent. Pick radial style and make scale larger – to 150%.


Step 9

Change blending mode of gradient layer to Color Dodge. Decrease opacity to 46%. You will make by this light source.


Step 10

Add Exposure layer. I think, that background is still to bright.


Step 11

Add brightness/contrast adjustment. It will make dark mood on your work.


Step 12

Duplicate Layer (Ctrl + J / Apple + J) with gradient and place it above brightness contrast. Change opacity of this layer to 100%.


Step 13

Add new layer. Select horizont line. From filter menu pick Render > Clouds. Use light blue and dark gray colors.


Step 14

Choose Erase tool. Set big, soft brush and erase top and bottom of the rendered layer. Then change blending mode of this layer to Screen.