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In this tutorial we will create an image that looks sort of like the posters for the upcoming movie, TRON Legacy. You will learn how to fake a bokeh effect, and create all sorts of shiny glass type effects.

Preview of Final Results


IMPORTANT: When working with any image in Photoshop, always play things on the cautious side and make new layers for everything. This way, if you make a mistake, you won’t have to start all over, but you might just have to re-do one layer, possibly saving you hours of work. Everything in this tutorial should be done on separate layers.

TRON Legacy Style Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1 – Create a new Document

Create a new document. 1280px in width and 960px in height.


Step 2 – Invert it to black

Press (control/command + I) to invert the white to black.


Step 3 – Brush Setup

Apply the following settings to your brush.





Step 4 – New Layer

Create a new Layer (Layer > New > Layer). Fill it with black. Create a guide that runs down the center of the image at 460px. Name this layer “Big Bokeh”.