TRON Legacy Style


Step 17 - Blur it

Go to Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur, and apply a 150px blur. Then deselect the bottom half by clicking outside of it.

Step 18 - Colorize

Create a new layer, and using the same blue and green colors as we just did, paint some more big blobs on the upper half of the image.

Step 19 - Blur it

Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur, and apply a blur of about 200px. We want these colors to be faint, so if they are very bright and stick out, then lower the opacity of the layer a bit.

Step 20 - Center Light

Create a new layer and name it "Center Light". Using a brighter blue (#003b49), draw a big oval shapped blob of color in the center of the image, in the upper half.

Step 21 - Pencil Settings

Select the pencil tool (b) and apply the following settings.

Step 22 - Lines -- A

Create a new layer above "Center Light" and name it "Lines". Using the color white, so that you can see what you are doing, hold down shift (to keep your line straight, and draw a vertical line of dots to the side of your center light.

Step 23 - Lines -- B

Click (control/command + T) and stretch the dots out so that they create horizontal lines. Click enter when your are done stretching.

Step 24 - Lines -- C

Select the lines by clicking on the icon of the layer "Lines". Then turn of the visibility of the layer "Lines". Then select the layer "Center Light" and hit delete or backspace. Then deselect by clicking outside your selection with the marque tool (m).
When your done you should see this:

Step 25 - Text

Create a new textbox and place whatever text you want in there, and center it.

Step 26 - Text Gradient

For my image, I have two lines of text, so my layer styles might be different then yours if you only have one line of text... keep that in mind here. Apply this layer style:

Step 27 - Text Reflection

Click (control/command + J) to duplicate your text layer, and then click (control/command + T), right click on the box and slect flip vertical. Move this layer to the bottom half of the image but keep it centered.

Step 28 - Text Reflection Gradient

Adjust the gradient by clicking reverse in the layer styles menu... it's upside down now, so this is why we're doing this.

Step 29 - Checkpoint

You should see something like this now:

Step 30 - Mask

Add a mask to this text reflection layer. What I did to make this mask, was take a big 300px soft black brush, and painted a line at the bottom of the layer. Then I applied a Gaussian blur of about 50px.

Step 31 - Finish

Move this text reflection layer beneath the layer "Bottom Color", and reduce the opacity to about 50%. You should now be finished, and see this:
Feel free to experiment a bit with layer opacities, and see if you can do anything on your own design to improve this image... that's where all the fun and learning is anyway!


Here is the finished project from these tutorial steps:
Here is the finished project from my original concept:
I hope that you have learned something new by reading this tutorial, and I also hope that you haven't run into any difficulties (if you have, leave a comment with your concern and I or someone else will be happy to help you). Thank you for reading, and I look forward to your feedback.

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