Interview with Digital Artist Tatiana Cherniychuk

Interview with Digital Artist Tatiana Cherniychuk
Interview with Digital Artist Tatiana Cherniychuk

Tatiana Cherniychuk is a digital artist from Moscow. She makes illustrations and character design. In this interview, you will see her devotion on her works and as a digital artist. Read on and enjoy!

Can you tell us about your first digital art experience and how much you have evolved since then? What lessons did you learn?

My first digital experience was when I bought Wacom tablet. It was a real magic. But I didn’t know how to use it and all Photoshop features, so I draw on a paper, then scanned and colored in Photoshop. It was something about 10 years ago. I've learned that digital art has many easy tools to draw. Its not hard. There is a lot of books, lessons in internet how to use it. You will find out your comfortable tool set with time.


When you’re starting a project/artwork, what is your general workflow in terms of structuring the piece? Do you have a set workflow, or do you work instinctively?

I usually start my artworks from idea. It’s the most important part. If it is the work project (not personal) I try to find out everything I can about it. I ask what for this piece is, which emotion should it evoke, all requirements specification. Then I search references and start sketching. I have 2 types of sketching black and white or colored. It depends on the needs of the project. It's very important to build right compositional and emotional relationship early in the very beginning. I think my work process is something between knowledge and intuition. But I'm try to analyse all possible mistakes.


What is the relationship between you as an artist and your art?

Oh! It’s a real drama! I usually not happy with my works and it seems to me that I can do better. Much better. So I blame  myself harder then anybody can do. I think that it is earnest of success to want be better than yesterday. It's my problem and I'm too serious. And sometimes it is necessary to just relax and keep moving.


What other kinds of work do you produce?

I tried different kind of art but now focus on character design and illustration. In general, it's very helpful to learn something new, to open your mind. So from time to time, I try new techniques, style or kind of art. I don’t want to be trapped by something one and to be held hostage. The more you can, the more possibility you have. Even if it's not needed for your work, it's useful for your progress as an artist and personality.


What do you think are your qualities that define you as an artist?

I think it is assiduity. I am completely devoted to my work. I know many artists who waste too much time and don’t concentrate enough for the good result. I learn all the time by watching TV, by observing, I keep on practice fast every day. All I can say, it’s the result of hard work.


In terms of your working environment, what are your primary tools for creating your stunning artworks?

Nothing unusual. I use Photoshop CS5 and Wacom Intuos 3. I think if you have right knowledge in your head it's not a big deal what program you use for your art. It can be traditional art or digital. I can't understand hot discussion about what program is better. Only weak artists depend on one tool.


What message can you give to the young aspirant artists?

Don’t be crazy about develop your unique style. It will come later. Concentrate on your knowledge about anatomy, story, composition, color and light. And it's not enough just know something you should know how to use it. And this is result of practice. Everyday. No matter how busy you are, you should draw. Don’t wait for fast success. And compare you art only with your art. Ask yourself do you have a personal progress or not? And one more important thing, have fun! If you don’t have fun doing your stuff what for you doing it?


What single art secret of yours would you be willing to share with readers?

There is no secret, only real passion, time and practice. Everybody can to translate a dream into reality. I believe in it.


More about Tatiana Cherniychuk

You can find more of her works on her Behance profile or Facebook fan page.

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