Interview With Digital and Performing Artist Diamante Murru

Interview With Digital and Performing Artist Diamante Murru
Interview With Digital and Performing Artist Diamante Murru

Diamante Murru is a digital and performing artist and a great photo manipulator. You will surely be mesmerized by the cyborg women in her digital art/paintings, which she is known for. Her work and the vision behind it would definitely draw you into looking for more of Diamante's work. This interview would give us a better insight into this artist's work process, inspiration and background info.

Can you tell us a little bit of your background as a digital artist? How did you get started?

I'm from Cagliari, where I studied art. I started painting when I was very young, but during the last year of school I found my favourite "cocktail": body painting, photography and photomanipulation!


Does your environment/personal life influence your art? How so?

Yes, these influence my mood and then my way of relating with the creation that I'm doing at the time.


Where do you usually get inspiration from?

I believe that inspiration often comes from the knowledge, the culture .. as well as the imaginary. However, usually, I take inspiration from everything around me..books, films, exhibitions of other artists, people I meet ... very often from my dreams!


How would you describe your work process? Do you have any creative rituals?

Usually I've a kind of conceptual thinking, I create the image in my mind, or something similar to the idea of the concept, and I try to recreate it on the paper/photo/computer. Sometimes it ends up different from the image that I previously thought.


What tools/medium do you use in creating your artwork?

This depends on the type of work that I must do.

At times many tools, from makeup to underwater photography; at others just photoshop.

Mostly I use Photoshop, Wacom tablet, Mac, reflex camera.


In your experience, what are the moments that you have struggled or had difficulty in coming up with a concept? How did you overcome?

Usually the problem isn't the realization of the concept.. but the time. Sometimes I make an artwork in two days, whilst some others I create it in months and months! Indeed I have an archive of unfinished works by more than a year, who are still waiting to be concluded or altered!

Sometimes it happens that I finish a drawing after a long time, totally distorting the original idea but taking the same concept.

Perhaps the most difficult times are for commissioned works. I must start from the basic idea of my client, respecting his idea, but putting my imagination ..

so ... I live a moment of mental chaos, .. Slowly clear my mind and find a compromise between what the customer wants and my idea.

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