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19 Massively Detailed Illustrations by Shi Chun

Interview with Shi Chun What are your plans after finishing your degree? My plans are kind of fuzzy but generally in the direction of completing some personal projects while working on some freelance work and hunting for a job. Singapore’s culture does not exactly encourage taking time off for self exploration and finding one’s way …

16 Clean and Sleek Icon Designs by Romualdo Faura

Romualdo Faura is a Graphic Designer who focuses on branding, illustration and icon design. He believes in a simple and clean aesthetic that delivers a straight-to-the-point message to his audience. His designs would make you appreciate simplicity, which Romualdo calls a “responsible and sustainable design”. Get to know more about this amazing graphic designer and …

15 Overly Creative Alternative Prints by Eni Turkeshi

Eni Turkeshi is a very talented digital and analogue photographer from Albania. She creates haunting yet incredibly intriguing images that makes the viewer want to take a closer look. This post features some of her amazing work that she developed using different types of alternative printing process. Read on and discover the other side of …

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