Interview with Animator and Illustrator Lavanya Naidu

Interview with Animator and Illustrator Lavanya Naidu

Interview with Animator and Illustrator Lavanya Naidu

India-based Lavanya Naidu is an animator and illustrator who brings wonderful illustration in creating a stunning art. This interview will let you take a peek into the inner workings of this talented artist. Enjoy!

Thank you very much Lavanya Naidu for this interview, we would like to start with you by telling us about yourself. Where are you from, and can you give us a summary of your growing up stage?

I was born and raised in Kolkata, India. Growing up, I was always inclined to drawing how I felt. I would scribble on newspapers, draw on walls, draw with chalk, crayons and even stones (much to my parents' horror). I loved reading as well. And books with great stories accompanied by beautiful illustrations was my ultimate hook. I had a sizeable collection of childrens books with some of the most charming illustrations. I was always attracted to telling stories through images. Even to this day, I collect children's illustrated books, as there are some amazing artists out there giving wings to the storytellers imagination. Apart from this, I have some wonderfully crazy family members and friends who have made for some great memories and stories from a personal perspective as well.


Did you draw a lot while growing up? What style did you like the most? Why?

Yes, I have always been passionate about drawing. My family and relatives often dropped off some delightful books from their trips, so there was greater exposure to all kinds of art. I love hand drawn illustrations, with a slightly sketchy feel to it. Even today, with my digital work, I try to maintain that look and feel as much as I can.


Did you go to an art school when you decided to learn animation? If so, which one was it?

After I finished my schooling I was inclined to become a doctor. But thank goodness for my parents, they persuaded me to apply to Art school. Considering that I grew up drawing, it was bewildering to them that I hadn't considered it. I on the other hand was apprehensive of making my passion my profession. Although when I eventually appeared for the admissions test, I wound up thoroughly enjoying myself. Of course, there's been no looking back ever since. And now I can safely say, that if you love what you do, you don't really consider it as work. I studied Animation Film Design at the Nation Institute of Design (Ahmedabad, India). The course was 4.5 years long and I am lucky to have been taught by some amazing professors and studied with some crazy talented batch mates.
After my graduation, I was eager to travel and learn and work with artists from different parts of the world. The first opportunity I got, was TBS Digicon Japan. My final year film won the regionals in India and was nominated for the South Asian awards. That was my first exposure to immensely talented artists, their work and their professional experience.
A year after that, I attended summer school at Gobelins, L'école De L'image, Paris, France. The course was focused on character animation, which I am passionate about. This was an absolutely inspiring journey for me, I was both humbled and in awe of my peers and teachers. I had spent much of my time in my college years, drooling over their short films and Annecy promotional videos. It was truly incredible.

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