Interview with Animator and Illustrator Lavanya Naidu

Interview with Animator and Illustrator Lavanya Naidu

What was your first work you ever worked on? What did you feel and how did you get it at first?

My first big project, was a Cartoon Network (USA) Summer Promotional animation video. It was on one hand a dream come true and on the other, I was a bag of nothing but nerves. The brief was very straightforward and I had full creative freedom. Initially I was nervous, but once I started animating, it was just a lot of fun. I had approached their Hong Kong office and after having a look at my blog they got me connected to the US office, and I was offered the project. I was thrilled!

Most of your artworks are in childlike theme. Is this your personal choice that reflects to your personality? Why or why not?

I think that that is a style that I have developed over the years, but I do make an attempt to keep my work diverse. So you will find variation. I do however love the idea of childlike innocence. I think as adults, we tend to drift away from keeping things simple. I think it can sometimes be a challenge to portray a complex thought in a simple way.

What is the most difficult part for you about being in the illustration and animation business?

After graduation, I started work as a freelancer. I enjoy this as I can take up varied projects and have a certain amount of freedom with how I allot my time. For me it's important to be disciplined when freelancing. It's very easy to fall off the grid. So it's important to stay inspired and motivated, as your growth as a professional depends completely on self initiative. Keeping communication fluid with clients and also keeping a steady flow of work out there, is definitely challenging.

Lastly, can you tell our readers and us a little bit about your latest projects, what are you working on as for this year 2015?

I am presently freelancing in the capacity of a lead animator for a Swiss startup App company. We are working on some exciting projects for kids this year, and though I can't really share the content at the moment, I am really stoked and eagerly waiting for the release. In my free time, I illustrate. I just completed an illustrated childrens' book with Penguin India that is now on stands, Malgudi Schooldays (by RK Narayan). I've also recently worked on a very interesting project illustrating medical essays, an-arts-meets-anatomy kind of series. That should be out sometime this year as well.

More about Lavanya Naidu

Lavanya Naidu loves post-its with tiny drawings on them. She loves doodles interspersed with notes during class. Also, she think dogs make the best listeners as well as she sometimes wish she could wear rainbows as hairbands. You can find more of her works on her Behance profile or blogspot.

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