Interview with Graphic Designer and Illustrator Jennifer Cirpici

Interview with Graphic Designer and Illustrator Jennifer Cirpici
Jennifer Deniz Cirpici is a self taught Graphic Designer and Illustrator from The Netherlands. Her work features a style rich in bright colors, her amazing photomanipulation skill and a good working concept. Jennifer's immense talent and interesting personality is seen in her work, and is truly an inspiration. Let's get to know her more through this interview!

Hi Jennifer! We'd like to know you more. Can you tell us something about yourself?

My name is Jennifer, I recently became 21 years old. I have my own place in Amersfoort, The Netherlands where I live and work as a freelancer illustrator and graphic designer. Soon I'll be probably working in Amsterdam though.

What influenced you to become a graphic designer/illustrator?:

A graphic designer, I have to say school because I followed a 'Graphic Design' course for 2 years. An illustrator I've always have been. First on paper when I was a kid and when I wanted to be an 'inventor in design', then it moved to the computer. But to be honest I've always loved images on the computer more than making them on paper. Images that make you wonder if it's a photograph or not, that's what I like. Other than that the woman side of my mum's family is very creative. My mum studied industrial design and has a degree in coding, my aunt can paint very good (although it's not her career) and the same goes for my grandma. I suppose I'm just the next one in line!

Do you consider yourself more as a graphic designer or an illustrator?

An Illustrator for sure. It's handy if you know both graphic design and illustration for this field though.

What projects or activity do you enjoy doing the most?

Hmmm.. projects that requires illustration, working in Photoshop. Anything like that will do, I'm not that picky.

What would you say are the trademarks of your design?

That's a hard question, because if you look at my portfolio, I have a huge amount of variety in my work. I don't limit myself in Photomanipulation, I can do typography artwork and branding for example as well. So, I have to say my trademarks are not limiting myself but also the way I use colours, I love a good contrast/brightness and I'm always in for a good concept artwork.

What would you say is your greatest achievement so far?

Within 5 months I've spoken at 2 festivals: Prodigital in Portugal, and OFFF! in Spain. Another one I'll do next October actually: Playgrounds. I think it's a huge achievement for myself for being completely new to this field, in June 2010, to a speaker at design festivals the year after. It's still very .. surreal to believe when I look back. Then again, I worked very very hard for where I am now. Knowing I'm not there where I want to be though, I have so much to learn. But that's what keeps it interesting!

Do you have any creative rituals to help you come up with a concept?

Haha, like a ritual dance?.. no. But I do often get a shower before I work. It's good to step away from your computer, being fresh and a shower helps you to think better.

The image you created for Advanced Photoshop ( is a very interesting piece. What was your experience like in creating this?

Thanks! Advanced Photoshop asked me to create an Avatar-like landscape for them. Which I think isn't easy to do in a certain amount of steps and making it that easy for everyone following along with you. (I couldn't use a 3D program for example or people wouldn't understand parts). So there was a challenge how to make a good looking image, in a certain amount of steps and clearly to follow. There has been many trial and errors into this one. Drove me mad. Showered a lot! Haha Took some breaks to think. But the end result came out good for the amount of steps I believe. Advanced Photoshop was very pleased with it and told me that one of their editors think it's the best image in that issue. Now that's a compliment every designer likes to hear from a client.

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