Interview with Graphic Designer and Illustrator Jennifer Cirpici

Interview with Graphic Designer and Illustrator Jennifer Cirpici

Interview with Graphic Designer and Illustrator Jennifer Cirpici

Do you have any creative rituals to help you come up with a concept?

Haha, like a ritual dance?.. no. But I do often get a shower before I work. It's good to step away from your computer, being fresh and a shower helps you to think better.


The image you created for Advanced Photoshop ( is a very interesting piece. What was your experience like in creating this?

Thanks! Advanced Photoshop asked me to create an Avatar-like landscape for them. Which I think isn't easy to do in a certain amount of steps and making it that easy for everyone following along with you. (I couldn't use a 3D program for example or people wouldn't understand parts). So there was a challenge how to make a good looking image, in a certain amount of steps and clearly to follow. There has been many trial and errors into this one. Drove me mad. Showered a lot! Haha Took some breaks to think. But the end result came out good for the amount of steps I believe. Advanced Photoshop was very pleased with it and told me that one of their editors think it's the best image in that issue. Now that's a compliment every designer likes to hear from a client.


What can we look for from you in the future? Do you have any new project that you're working on right now?

At the moment I'm so busy! I'm going to talk in October again at the Playground, The Netherlands. I have a few projects, one for a Fashion brand. And I'm making personal artwork as well like (WIP). I need to update my site and I'm making a blog called OtherFocus Not to forget that I'll be working probably full time again in November. Yes.. very busy. But I enjoy it though!


Any message for our readers?

If you have a certain goal in your head and you want to be there, aim for it and work very hard to get there. Don't let people unmotivate you, there are some who'll always try. It's sort of like the fashion industry, the higher you get, the more people try to bring you down. But just ignore those people. This is about you. It's YOUR career. It's YOUR future. If people who are not clients and do not like your work, then don't care about it. Don't be depended from other people for your success either. If you have the right motivation, you'll get there, believe me.


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