Interview with Illustrator Nikki Radan

Interview with Illustrator Nikki Radan
Interview with Illustrator Nikki Radan

Nikki Radan is a self taught illustrator from the Philippines. Her artworks usually focus on surreal and dreamy looking subjects. She does traditional illustrations using pencils, ballpoint pens, colored pencils, watercolors, makeup, coffee and pretty much whatever there is that she can utilize to make an artwork - mixed media. She dreamed of becoming a children's book illustrator someday. In this interview, you will find out why she wants to become an illustrator of a children's book and many more. Be inspired on her artworks so read on and enjoy!

What is illustration for you and who inspires you to becoming an illustrator?

For me illustration is a world full of endless possibilities and creativity. It is amazing how one can tell a story by means of illustrations. It allows me to create something which embodies what I feel, dream and imagine. I find inspiration from my dreams, childhood memories, and feelings towards the things that are happening around me. I also find inspiration from the people I hold dear.


Do you have any style? If so, how did you find it and how would you best describe your illustration style?

I always loved colorful and dreamy things so I try to color my illustrations with playful candy colors such as pink and pastels or dark candy hues depending on what feeling or effect that I want to achieve. Also, I like to put random glows/illumination when I feel it’s too dark or dull looking. My subjects are mostly female children with expressive eyes (because I think emotions are clearly seen in the eyes). Each illustration I make is a product of my dreams, memories imagination or feelings so it’s like a free flow of ideas and concepts. I’ m still trying to find more ways to improve my illustrations though.


Most of your works are in children’s theme and they are very well illustrated. What’s with this theme that catches your attention and interest in creating them?

I want my subjects to have that innocent child like characteristics because during my childhood days I'm really into storytelling and children's books. I especially love Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. I’m also a big fan of Tim Burton and Studio Ghibli movies. Being a child who grew up with these, I knew what I wanted to do when I grow up. So yeah here I am illustrating things that I love.


In creating illustrations, where does your ideas come from? How do these ideas help you?

Some of my illustration ideas came from my dreams and memories. Sometimes I find ideas from what I feel or what's happening around me. Through illustrating these ideas, I’m able to somewhat record memories or thoughts into images.

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