Interview with Illustrator Nikki Radan

Interview with Illustrator Nikki Radan
Interview with Illustrator Nikki Radan

What methods do you use in creating your artworks? Is it digital, traditional or both? How do you put balance to digital and traditional methods in your artworks?

I do both traditional and digital artworks. I paint traditionally using watercolors and acrylics on watercolor paper. For digital illustrations I use various art softwares and a Wacom graphic pen tablet. I make it a routine to practice both medias one at a time so i don't forget how to use the tools for each of them.


I have noticed that some of your works put an emphasis on the eye part such as your Mourn, Betadine, The Key, etc. Can you tell us the reason why you do that?

For me the eyes are the most expressive part of the face, so I tend to emphasize it by making it larger or shinier. Sometimes I draw them half closed or completely shut depending on what feeling I want them to express.

Can you tell us the process you go through when you illustrated Bloom?

Bloom is an entry for the Bloom Arts Festival held last year here in the Philippines. It is actually a small box type illustration 6"x6". Since there was no specific theme, I went ahead and just do what I like.

First I thought of an idea from the word "Bloom". From there I started to make pencil sketches on paper. Then I scanned the sketch so I could work on it on my computer. I use a Wacom graphic pen tablet because it is much easier for my hand to move with full control.

I layout the flat colors of my image, in this point I already have a color scheme in my mind so I just go ahead and block colors on my drawing following the color scheme that I imagined. Then I start building it up by adding more colors and focusing on putting details this time until I finally finish the whole illustration. After that I look at it again and try to correct the colors if it is too pale or too dark.


What is the best and worst part of about being an illustrator? Why?

The best part of being an illustrator is that you get to create something from your own thoughts. You give a part of you in every illustration. Also, you get to tell stories from what you draw, from that you get feedbacks from people, may it be a question, creative criticism etc. It is nice to make something that enables you to connect with people.
I haven't thought about anything worst for being an illustrator, I do believe that if you love what you do then there is nothing to feel bad about. Even if my hands ache after how many hours of painting, it is such a relief to finally finish the whole illustration. That makes me happy :)

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