Interview with Illustrator Dragan Bibin

Interview with Illustrator Dragan Bibin

Today, we bring you a Serbian artist, illustrator and graphic designer, Dragan Bibin. He loves teaching illustration and book design at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia. His works made him explore more on the poetics of absence and ways to make an image stronger by just suggesting presence of something. His goal is to engage the imagination of the spectator and invite him to participate more actively in the reading and interpretation of my work.

How did you start your illustration career professionally?

An amazing Serbian writer, Milenko Bodirogić gave me a great opportunity to work on his books about Serbian mythology, a project which lasted for many years and produced five volumes. Our collaboration was a great experience, where even some of my illustrations influenced his stories, and I felt important in the process of storytelling and my input was respected.

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4 comments on “Interview with Illustrator Dragan Bibin”

  1. Dragan is truly a master of using fear to create allure and mystery!

    Thank you so much for this interview!

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