Interview with Illustrator Diana Renjina

Interview with Illustrator Diana Renjina
Interview with Illustrator Diana Renjina

Diana loves drawing so much that makes her become an illustrator. As an illustrator, she wants to explore more on working with graphic and web design. In this interview, you will know how brilliant she is and her works with some tips of what makes a good illustrator, good.

As an artist, how would you define Illustration?

For me personally illustration is the way how I can speak with the world about the things I love.


Is it easy to make a living as an illustrator?

The ability to separate commercial work from personal really makes your life much easier. Commercial commissions sometimes doesn't have anything to do with art - just a job, nothing more. And if you want to work (and make enough money to live) as illustrator, you should accept it.


What is your dream job? And why?

Working on different projects. Not only drawing all the time, but also making some graphic and web desing projects, for example.


Your Behance profile also shows some of your photography projects. How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

Asking my friends-photographers to help me :), finding information on the web, and experimenting, of course.


Are you more of a photographer or an illustrator? Why?

Illustrator. Comparing to illustration, photography requires much more energy and resources to get the result you want. I like portrait photography the most, but it involves working with models, and my inner introvert still don't let me to tell the people what I want from them :)


I do like your The Fox and The Sun Project. What was the objective of this piece?

The original idea was a bit different - I wanted to make a photo with a girl, going past the autumnal birches, and then draw her a long fox tail and ears. I just like the combination of white trees, yellow leaves and orange tail. Reality showed that real birches are not so perfectly straight and white as I wanted, so I decided on making photo manipulation instead of photo, changing idea a bit - on the final image you can see the Fox that has stolen the Sun.


How often have you used Adobe Photoshop for your artworks?

90% percent were made in Ps.


In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good Illustrator?

Good illustrator (especially commercial) should be able to draw everything or almost everything. If you can draw only cute girls with one facial expression, it means that you can draw cute girls with one facial expression, nothing more. Illustrator of children's books doesn't have to be able to draw, for example. photo-realistic animals, but he should know, how to show them in his own style.

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