Interview with Graphic Designer and Illustrator Willian Santiago

Interview with Graphic Designer and Illustrator Willian Santiago
Interview with Graphic Designer and Illustrator Willian Santiago

Willian is a graphic designer and illustrator from Londrina, Brazil. His works and illustrations often contain an abstract sense of art and for good reason. Read on and find out why. Enjoy!

Let's start from scratch. Tell us about yourself. How did you get into the design industry?

I always liked to draw, to create. I studied Graphic Design, I have a degree is one year, I worked for three years in an agency with a focus on fashion, and currently I am a freelancer, working with illustration,editorial.


I see a consistent signature in your works. Can you explain your style or philosophy of your work?

I have always been interested in various areas of design, and I've always tried to learn a little of everything. My work is very versatile, I love the digital, but not abandoned by anything the manual, always try to add something manual in my creations, I think the piece is more sensitive. I always try to find new forms of experimentation, either in digital or manual.


Who or what inspired you when you were just starting your career? Was there an 'it' moment?

This very difficult question, because I got into college without knowing for sure what I would consider, or I seriously professionally. HAHA!


Inspired people inspire others likewise. Can you name a specific artist the had the greatest impact on you?

I am Brazilian, and Brazil is the birthplace of many artists and illustrators incredible. I love the work of Nestor Junior, Rafael Gramp√°, Arthur Duarte, Mathiole .. more! I am passionate about the work of the illustrator of indonesia, Elfandiary, is wonderful to use the drawing technique.


In the next 5 years, as an artist. What would you like to achieve with your arts? What kind of message would you like to portray?

I am in favor of a free creation, a design without grids. I have long wanted to be able to have contact with illustrators from other countries, exchange experiences and be able to learn more and more.


Can you share with us your workplace?

My room, my table.


Aside from work, what other hobbies do you keep to remain inspired?

My boyfriend is studying gastronomy, I am learning to cook and I love it. I am a DJ, I play in some parties from time to time, make collection of colorful cameras. And I love listening Wild Noyhing and Diiv.


Can you name 5 websites that you usually visit for inspiration?
yeah, well cliches haha


Lastly, throughout your career, what are you most proud of? Can you share it with us?

I am happy when someone sees some illustration, a poster, a picture, and I know I was I did, glad when they recognize my work even without me having disclosed. is good to have an identity, and may inspire other people.

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