Photoshop Disasters: Best of August

Photoshop Disasters: Best of August
Photoshop Disasters: Best of August

This months top five Photoshop disasters from includes facial distortions, terrible faceswaps, and just plain bad cutouts.

Clipped Jaws

Got to hand it to those mid-European chicks - no amount of jaw deficiency is going to keep them off the cover of a magazine!



The models for Beachmall are so stunningly beautiful that they have watermarked the images (repeatedly) so that no-one will steal them.


Microwavable Neck

1. Place microwavable neck wrap with head in a clean microwave and heat at full power for 60 seconds.

2. Touch test microwavable neck wrap before using.

3. Sixty (60) seconds of heating should bring the microwavable neck wrap to the desired temperature. However, if more heat is desired, continue to heat in 30 second intervals until the desired temperature is reached.


Popup Pets

Semi pets become the new internet meme. (See Pop Up Pet Crates.)


Photorealistic Kayak

The inflatability of this kayak is demonstrated by the "lighter than air" look in this photo-realistic representation. (Actual product may vary.)


To see more atrocities head on over to Photoshop Disasters or you can check out the PSD Facebook page for other images not shown on the website.

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