Photoshop Disasters: Best of September 2012

Photoshop Disasters: Best of September 2012
Photoshop Disasters: Best of September 2012

Check out this month's top disasters from Photoshop Disasters. This month features images from Orange County, Belgium Political Party, and much more!

Infant Care: Blow-Up Babysitter


Orange County: Classy Trash


Belgium Elections: No Worker Left Behind


Anna Rose: The Maddest of Madlands


Levi’s: Cut to the Skinny


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8 comments on “Photoshop Disasters: Best of September 2012”

  1. JEESH! People today commonly make mistakes. But they tend not to attempt to fix their problems that they create. That's the bad part and the most hilarious part of these photoshop mishaps!!!!

    1. Probably the fact that her head blocks the lower part of the e in "Where" and makes it read like "Wh*re"

  2. Ha ha ha ha they are hilarious!!!!!! I don't know which one is the worst??? Hmmmmm I think it has to be the boat one, where are her legs? Have they punched a hole through the boat lmao!!!!! love it. Thanks for making me laugh :-)

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