Interview with Photographer Emanuele Nardoni

Interview with Photographer Emanuele Nardoni

Interview with Photographer Emanuele Nardoni

What tools of the trade do you use most often?

This will make most of the readers laugh: an olympus e-520 with a 14-42 and a 40-150 lens. Lightroom and some photoshop for the post production work.

I could never go around with those rocket launcher size cameras without being noticed.


You have a series that covers the beauty of India. What was your experience like in shooting this magnificent place?

You won't find any single word that could be suitable to define India. India is magic, raw, merciless and mystic. It was really an amazing experience, because of the colors, noises, smells and people that follow you every moment of the day. Talking about emotions, it's a place where you really have to control them not to be overwhelmed. On the contrary and this is the funny thing I was really confident in shooting because as I was taking photographs to people, many of them were taking pictures of me and my wife with their mobile phones, and I still have to understand why.


What message do you (often) want to bring out in your photographs?

Nothing more than what I shoot, trying to let people see how beautiful the world is and that you can find the beauty in the eyes of an old man who lives in the street as much as in a lonely road in the middle of nowhere. You just have to learn how to see it.


Any projects that you're working on right now?

I'm working together with another photographer to a long term project that is quite far from the reportage style. But I can't say more at the moment.

I'm trying to move to New York City and I'm obviously planning my next trip.


Any advice for our readers?

It's important to have a good photographic culture. Studying the great masters of photography, try to emulate them and then find your personal style. It's only the first step, but perhaps the most important one.


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