Free Download: Photoshop Actions to Turn Night Photos into Twilight Photos

Twilight photos look amazing but we usually miss it our photos end up with dark black skies. Thankfully, SparkleStock created new Photoshop actions to turn your dark night time photos into beautiful blue twilight photos. If you have some night time photos and Photoshop CS3 or newer, then download these actions and try them out today!

Pro vs Lite

The lite version is a fully functioning Photoshop action that will turn your night time photo into a twilight photo. For more features, upgrade to the Pro version and get additional actions with different twilight colors, actions to help brighten the sky, and more!

The lite version includes the Twilight effect. Upgrade to the pro version for the Teal and Deep Twilight effects.

You can increase/decrease the twilight effect simply by adjusting the layer opacity.

The effect works automatically and in most instances, there are no further adjustments needed.

The pro version includes an action to brighten the sky for an even better twilight look.

Download Night to Twilight Photoshop Actions

  • Twilight
  • Twilight +
  • Twilight ++
  • Teal Twilight
  • Teal Twilight +
  • Teal Twilight ++
  • Deep Twilight
  • Deep Twilight +
  • Deep Twilight ++
  • Brighten Dark Skies
  • Auto DRI

16 thoughts on “Free Download: Photoshop Actions to Turn Night Photos into Twilight Photos”

  1. I love to become a professional in photoshop but I find it difficult to learn, despite all the lessons I followed in the net I still a beginner

  2. I bought the actions. What is the difference between the + and ++ in relation to changing the opacity? And what is Auto DRI supposed to do?

    1. Photoshop Tutorials Editor

      The + and ++ are the cutoff strength, or in other words, how much of your image will have the twilight colors. The ++ strength allow more twilight color to show in the brighter areas of your image The Auto DRI action tries to maximize the dynamic range of your image similar to how Auto DRI works in most modern cameras. If your image already has great dynamic range, you won’t notice much of a difference.

  3. Really happy for these actions :)

    It’s good on long exposures. However pitch black skies remain black and I guess that is when you need to buy it for the brighten sky action. As for now, I’m satisfied with using the dodge tool on shadow mode.

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