How to Quickly and Easily Identify Fonts

How to Quickly and Easily Identify Fonts
Have you ever seen a piece of art created by a fellow designer and wonder what font they used in their project? I certainly have. The other day I was getting distracted on the Internet (hey, we've all done that – no judging allowed) and I stumbled across this handy little tool to help identify what fonts designers are using in their projects. From start to finish, it's a fairly simple process. In this tutorial, we'll be using an image I created specifically to illustrate the steps below. Personally, I love this quote and it was a great opportunity to use it in a project.

Step 1

Go to Select the image that has the font you'd like to find a match for and upload it.

Step 2

Once the image is uploaded, the next step is to help the identifier determine certain characters. Simply enter the highlighted character into the box below.

Step 3

It's important to leave the box blank if the area selected isn't actually a character, as this will negatively affect the end result.

Step 4

Once all the characters are matched up in the boxes, simply hit “Continue” and the identifier will begin to scan the image to find a similar match. This may take a few minutes, so give it some time and don't refresh the page.

Step 5

When the image is done scanning, it will put up a list of close matches to the original image. The key to finding a very close match is to look at the very distinguishable characters, in this case, the letter “R”. As we can see, it has a very distinct tail and the closest match to this is the “Apud Roman” font.
In conclusion, this tutorial showed us a quick way to eliminate guesswork when trying to identify fonts used by other designers. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have – I'll be monitoring the comments!

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