What’s New in Adobe Photoshop CS6? In-Depth Report of Photoshop’s New and Improved Features

Demonstration of the new rich cursor support for the Brush tool

Patch Tool

A new Content-Aware mode for the patch tool allows you to remove objects more precisely using content-aware technology. This tool is great for removing objects near the edge of your photo.

New Content-Aware mode for the Patch tool

Demonstration of the Patch tool on content-aware mode

Content-Aware Move Tool

Content-aware technology was great for removing objects in Photoshop CS5. Now you can use content-aware technology to move objects! This tool makes it easy to move people and objects around.

Content-Aware Move tool

Demonstration of the Content-Aware Move tool

Text tool

Designers rejoice! Now you can generate Lorem Ipsum text without having to visit a website to generate it – it’s built right into Photoshop’s Text tool.

Vector Path Tools

The Vector Path tools have been updated to improve the dragging of vector curves. You can also turn paths into dash and dotted lines and apply gradients to them!

Turn paths into dashed and dotted lines

Demonstration of the new dashed and dotted lines feature in Photoshop CS6

Transform Tool

Now you can resize and transform objects with better quality! The new interpolation options let you resize objects using Nearest Neighbor, Bilinear, Bicubic, Bicubic Smoother, Bicubic Sharper, or the new Bicubic Automatic mode which picks the best method for you. It also fixes the 90° bug.

90º Layer ROtations Explanation of the Transform tool’s 90° glitch

Image Adjustments

Camera RAW

Camera RAW 6 has been upgraded to Camera RAW 7 which is already available in Lightroom 4. The new editing process makes retouching photos more intuitive and allows more room for recovery.

Camera Raw 6 vs 7

Recovering highlights using Recovery and Highlights

Demonstration of Camera Raw 7


This image adjustment is now available for 32-bit images.


This image adjustment is now available for 32-bit images.

Image Size

The new Bicubic Automatic option automatically picks the best interpolation mode for you.

Layer Styles

Gradient Overlay

A new option to dither your gradient is available. Note that this option is already present with the other Gradient tools in CS5 – it seems like Adobe forgot about to add it to layer styles.

Dither for Gradients Dither option in Layer Styles


If you create gradient strokes, you can also enable this dither option.


Layers Palette

The Layers palette has been revamped to make it easier to find layers and apply layer properties to multiple layers at once. The new filtering option lets you find layers by kind, name, effect, mode, attribute, or color. You can also apply blending modes, opacity, locking, and color label to multiple layers at once. The bugs which didn’t allow you to set the layers opacity to 0 or duplicate multiple layers using its hotkeys has been fixed. Shape layer attributes can be copied/pasted just like layer styles.

Find layers with the new filtering feature. Filter layers by kind, name, effect, mode, attribute, or color.

Apply color labels to multiple layers at a time

Channels Palette

The Split Channels command now works for documents with more than one layer (no need to flatten image before using this command).

Gradient Palette

New split-toning presets.

Actions Palette

Now you can record tools! Simply enable the “Allow recording of tools” option and you can create Photoshop actions with tools (ex. Brush tool).


Photoshop CS6 Extended will have enhanced 3D performance and updated tools to make it easier to change position, color, material, shadow, and light source of your 3D objects.

File Handling


When you open photos, Photoshop will read the metadata and rotate the image to its correct orientation. Now you can undo or disable this feature in the preferences.

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  1. Adobe has launched a more enhanced program CS6. This allows the customers of the Adobe photoshop to style 3D style, apart from 2D styles and other formerly current alternatives. It has gotten to the customers more new innovative alternatives.

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