Step 18 – Wolf

Same as before, place the wolf image, select the wolf with the lasso tool and add a layer mask to complete the selection. You will have something like this:


Step 19 – Hairs

You have to paint hairs so the wolf can look natural, so you can paint one by one or use fur brushes, use the eyedropper tool to pick the exact same color of the wolf


Step 20 – Shadows

In a new layer (shift+ctrl+n) paint with a soft round black brush over the wolf creating shadows in his hair, use a low opacity from 5% to 10%. Has to be something really soft.


Step 21 – Strokes

You can add some reflexions in the coat of the wolf with a soft round white brush with 1px size, to make details stand out.


Step 22 – light

Let’s work over the city light, in a new layer paint with a soft round brush with low opacity (20%) in the size where the light is reaching the buildings and the model. Use the layer in normal mode. Also you can work the light in several layers. You can start by making the light of the city with ta bigger brush and for the model you can use a small brush se the direction of the light and how it affects the image.


Step 23 – The sun

To create the sun pick a soft round brush in a yellow tone and just make a circle like this


Go to the option Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur and add 30% of radius, can be more radius if you need to. This will give a softer look.


Now change the layer mode to screen and duplicate the layer ctrl + J to give more intensity.


Step 24 – Water

Place the image of the water in the image like this:


Add a layer maska and hide the sky and the stones


Step 25 – Water

Paint some water running dow the streets, you can also use images of water or brushes to fit with the image.


Step 26 – Sun rays

In a new layer add some sun rays, to the image. Paint them with a soft brush. Use the layer in normal mode with 50% of opacity


add a layer mask and paint over the edges to make them softer. Try to make the sunrays strongest in the top and really soft in the bottom.


Also paint the reflexion of the light in the water. With a soft round brush in a yellow tone, use the layer in overlay mode and the opacity of the brush 20%


Step 27 – Sunset

Place the image of the sunset like this:


Then use the layer in overlay with 80% of opacity and add a layer mask.


Paint all over the image, over the edges until the image is blend with the rest. As you can see in the image above the visible parts where the light is strongest.


Step 28 – lighting

To make the lighting more dramatic in a new layer paint with a darker cool brown and and orage tone, paint the model and the worl, remember to use the layer in soft light mode.


Step 29- light

In a new layer paint with with warm tones, use the brush with 30% of opacity size 400


Now change the layer to soft light

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