Create a Beautiful Sunrise Scene with an Old House

Create a Beautiful Sunrise Scene with an Old House

Create a Beautiful Sunrise Scene with an Old House

Step 14

I make Color Balance and Curves layers (Clipping Mask) to alter color and brightness of the tree:
Erase the left side of the tree (the part that gets more light from the sky) on Curves layer mask:

Step 15

Isolate the house and position it at the left side of the ground.
Use layer mask to blend the hard edges with the ground:

Step 16

Make shadow for the house as done with the wheel:

Step 17

Create group for the house and its shadow. Use Color Balance and Curves layers to change house color:
After darkening with Curves I use soft black brush to remove this effect on the right of the house that should be illuminated from sky):

Step 18

Cut out the well and place it at the right side of the ground:

Step 19

Make shadow for the well as done with other subjects:

Step 20

Group the well and its shadow layers. Use Color Balance, Photo Filter and Curves layers to make color of the well fit the rest:

Step 21

Open stock of the vines. I removed most of the house parts:
Copy this vine part and place it at the left corner of the house:
Add layer mask to this vine layer. Use grass brush, number 256 (bush one) to remove hard edges and achieve the edges below:

Step 22

Use another vine parts to arrange around the house with same method. I used 6 layers to get the result shown on screenshot below:

Step 23

I use 5 vine layers to add to the well:

Step 24

Group all vine layers. Use Color Balance and Curves for them:
Erase on Curves layer mask the roof part and the left side of the well:

Step 25

Open fence stock. I take these stakes:
Arrange them and use layer mask to blend them with the ground:

Step 26

Make shadow for these stakes as done in previous steps:

Step 27

Create group for these layers, I name it "fence parts 1". Make a new layer within this group and use Clone Tool to remove unecessary parts:

Step 28

Apply Color Balance and Curves for these fence parts:
I use black brush on Curves layer mask to make approriate light and shadow of the fences. You can see how I applied this step on layer mask and result on picture:

Step 29

I use a Curves layer with Clipping Mask for the one near the right corner of foreground to darken it more:
Remove the dark effect on the left of this stake:

Step 30

Take another parts of the fence from original stock and position them horizontally. I use Warp tool to bend them a little to avoid a rigid look:

Step 31

Make shadow for the parts that can be seen on this picture:

Step 32

Create group for these layers, name it "fence parts 2". I use Curves to darken them:
Erase the parts that are shone by the sun:

Step 33

With the fence part near the right of foreground I use a Curves layer (Clipping Mask) to darken it more:
Apply a mask for this adjustment layer:

Step 34

To add more contrast to this picture, I make a new layer on the top, active Gradient Tool (G). I choose Radial Gradient with default colors (black and white):
Change the mode to Soft Light 100% and use layer mask to remove or reduce dark contrast on some parts below:

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26 comments on “Create a Beautiful Sunrise Scene with an Old House”

  1. I started downloading everything so I could do this tutorial, even signed up for another site. But then it wants a credit card!! Sorry, not gonna happen.

    So I deleted all the downloads and forgot about this tutorial.

    Note to authors... just cause you're a member of a stock site, doesn't mean the rest of us want to be. Verify the images are truly free!

  2. Wow. Thank you for sharing this experience with us...........and for the challenge.Thanks Amazing designs, best of luck in your design career!

  3. Every link to redirects to a broken link on Is there any way to find those images?

  4. Agreed with the stock photos. It's too hard to download them and easier to google it. On one hand, free stock photos are free. But on the other, they always disappear. So I am not sure whether I prefer paid or free stock photos. But I wish there are more tutorials where the writer provides their own so that there are no problems like these.

  5. I have to agree with other viewers regarding the images used. I've had to join 2 more sites to obtain the individual images. Free Stock Images are not free. Get one free, but pay for the rest????!!!!! is the best one; I've been a member for years; but the sunset........waiting for owner to send permission to use Ha!

    To create this tutorial, it would have been easier to google the images. I've wasted over an hour so far trying to get the images and I've still not had chance to fire up Photoshop yet. I might have to give this tut a miss. Nice end image; but the image resource gathering lets it down big time!!

  6. I'm also waiting for the permission request to be answered. As for the path, google and you'll find several stone paths that can be used to replace the paid image.

  7. Great image.
    It's a shame I have to wait to get my request answered on the stock site for the landscape before I can do it.
    I'm also struggling to get the path picture. When I click on it, it keeps taking me to a page and asking me to pay. I can't work out how to get it for free.

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