Create an Emotional Abstract Photo Manipulation of a Rose

Create an Emotional Abstract Photo Manipulation of a Rose

Final Results


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Tutorial by msRiotte


Thank you for following this tutorial! If you have questions, write. I am Monika Nowakowska - young graphic designer. I love photomanips and digital artworks. You can see my portfolio or see my blog with tips and tricks. If you want to get some news, like myfacebook page.

- msRiotte - Monika Nowakowska

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12 comments on “Create an Emotional Abstract Photo Manipulation of a Rose”

  1. Very Informative and Lovely Tutorial! I always love the way you have narrated is awesome. I will follow you to make something like this. Thank you so much.

  2. No follow up on Tutorials is so frustrating. It really is to bad, great design, but half the effort to help I have noticed..Step 5 worked beautifully for me, but when I tried to do the frustration. I must be having a real slow day or maybe 2..

  3. This is really beautiful! You have quite an eye for creativity, and I'm grateful for this tutorial you have shared with us.

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