Create a Fiery City War Scene in Photoshop

Create a Fiery City War Scene in Photoshop
You are ready to paint.

Step 32 - Suit

Change the tone to a gray tone and paint in the model’s suit . Use the same configuration of the brush

Step 33 – Blood and Cuts

Create some cuts and blood in the model, to do this pick a soft round brush with 3px or 2px and paint.

Step 34 - Shadow

Make the shadow of the model in a new layer with a soft round black brush use 150px size and 50% of opacity

Step 35 - Light

Paint with a soft round brush over the model’s suit.
Then reduce the opacity of the layer to 80% and change the mode to color dodge

Step 36 - Ground

Repeat that process on the ground near the model, to make the effect that the ground is reflecting the light from the fire of the scene. Use a orange tone and layer mode in color dodge also the opacity can be 40%

Step 37 – City Strokes

With a soft round orange brush (2px size) make strokes over the top of the buildings to create lighting

Step 38 – Model Light

With the same orange tone paint over the model to create the lighting, you can also add some Gaussian blur(Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur) to give a softer look, add 15% of radius in the Gaussian Blur

Step 39 – Radioactive Sign

Place the radioactive sign and select the sign and add a layer mask to hide the rest. Press Ctrl+T to change the size

Step 40 - Metal

Then add the metal stick for the sign from another sign, repeat the process: select the metal part with lasso tool, add layer mask and resize it (ctrl+t) to fit the sign
Duplicate (ctrl+J) the stick layer and use the layer in multiply mode, then reduce the opacity to 70 from the sign and the stick

Step 41 - Cracks

With the same brushes as before in color black make some cracks over the sign

Step 42 - Details

With a soft round brush (2px size) with orange tone make strokes to the sign and to the model’s weapon, you can make them softer by passing the blur tool over them.

Step 43 - Fire

Add fire close to the sign, erase the edges with a layer mask and use the layer in screen mode with 90% of opacity

Step 44 – Fire Reflection

Duplicate the fire layer (Ctrl+J) and then with Ctrl+T modify the position in the top of the menu of transform you have to add an (-100) at the option H:. This will rotate the image to look like a reflection.

Step 45 - Details

Reduce the opacity to 55% and hide the part that are far from the original fire, the closest reflection is stronger and the one that is farthest is going to be softer.

Step 46 - Light

Below the model’s layer create a new layer and paint around her with an orange tone, use the layer in soft light mode with 70% of opacity

Step 47 - Color

In a new layer paint with a dark brown tone and with some other lighter tones. When you need a lighter tone go to the color picker, see the image below.
Paint something like this:
Then apply a Gaussian blur to blend about 50 of radius

Step 48 – Layer mode

Change layer mode to soft light and reduce the opacity to 60%

Step 49 - Orange

Add a new layer and with an orange tone fill the layer with the Paint bucket tool.

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  2. This is a decent tutorial, but be mindful of the perspective on the buildings in the background. It is way off as the picture you pulled it from was taken from atop another building, but the camera in the collage is at ground level. Just an FYI.

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