Paint something like this:


Then apply a Gaussian blur to blend about 50 of radius


Step 48 – Layer mode

Change layer mode to soft light and reduce the opacity to 60%


Step 49 – Orange

Add a new layer and with an orange tone fill the layer with the Paint bucket tool.


Use the layer in soft light mode with 65% of opacity


Step 51 – Color Lookup

Go to the menu create new fill or adjustment layer on the bottom of the layer’s and then select the option “color Lookup”  select the option film stock reduce the opacity to 25% and the fill to 65%

Color Lookup is only available at the cs6 or cc version of Photoshop.


Then use another color lookup this time tealorangepluscontrast. With 50% of opacity and 50% of fill.


Step 52 – Curves

If you don’t have that version of Photoshop you can use curves, the result is very similar. And that’s it.


Final Results

Evaine April 3, 2010

Download the PSD

Tutorial by Andrea García

image070Thank you so much for reading this tutorial, I hope this is helpful for you all. If you want to check more of my art go to

– Andrea García

9 thoughts on “Create a Fiery City War Scene in Photoshop”

  1. This is a decent tutorial, but be mindful of the perspective on the buildings in the background. It is way off as the picture you pulled it from was taken from atop another building, but the camera in the collage is at ground level. Just an FYI.

  2. Hi
    Im realy Like this
    why you not attach pdf file ( this Learn in PDF ) for easear learn and download that ? if that happens its will be perfect
    sorry for My bad english :)

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