The Best Photoshop Tutorials of 2013

The Best Photoshop Tutorials of 2013

The Best Photoshop Tutorials of 2013

2013 has been an amazing year for Photoshop tutorials and we've seen some amazingly clever and beautiful tutorials from Photoshop experts such as Fabrizio Panattoni, Dek Wid, Narendra Keshkar, and more. So to end the year, here's a roundup of the top 20 tutorials for 2013!

How to Retouch and Airbrush Skin in Photoshop

Learn how to retouch skin the same way professionals do with techniques such as using the yellow channel, high/low-pass skin airbrushing, and dodging and burning. This is done using 100% nondestructive techniques. With over 260,000 views, this is one of our most popular tutorials in 2013.

How to Paint a Lovely Pair of Birds in Photoshop

This isn't your typical painting tutorial. In fact, there's very little painting going on here. In this tutorial, Dek Wid uses some amazingly clever techniques to transform an umbrella photo into beautiful birds and trees. Definitely check this one out!

Create a Surreal “Game of Thrones” Photo Manipulation

Create this beautiful photo manipulation based on the hit TV series, "Game of Thrones". There are some creative techniques here such as using the Warp Transform to curve a coat, adding reflections to a crystal sphere, adding snow, and finishing it off with some Color Lookup adjustments.

Create an Amazing CG Illustration of The Incredible Hulk

Learn how this marvelous painting by Narendra Keshkar was created. This drawing/painting tutorial gives in-depth instructions on how to create a base painting, shade with proper lighting, work with brush settings to create the fine details, and much more.

How to Create an Amazing Watercolor Artwork in Photoshop

This spring-inspired artwork is a fun and easy-to-understand tutorial on how you can create your own abstract photo manipulation by combining splatter brushes, textures, and photos together.

Create This Gorgeous Moonlight Poster of a Girl Walking on a Railway

Fabrizio Panattoni is one of our favorite tutorial writers because his artworks are always so inspiring. In this Photoshop tutorial, Fabrizio will show you how to combine many great Photoshop techniques to create your own photo manipulation with astrophotography-like skies and surreal colors.

Quick Tip: How to Create a Triangle Pixelation Effect in Photoshop

Photoshop has a mosaic filter that lets you pixelate photos but the effect is often overused and boring. This fast and easy tutorial will show you how you can use the create easy triangle pixelation effects using the square mosaic filter. There's also a free Photoshop action to do this for you.

Create a Romantic Cutlery Artwork Inspired by Salvador Dali

Michael Vincent Manalo creates amazing surreal photo manipulation and you can find many of his work showcased in art galleries. This tutorial will teach you how he created this romantic cutlery artwork inspired by the works of Salvador Dali.

Create a Horrific Flesh Eating Movie Poster in Photoshop CS6

Create this horror movie poster with amazing details of a half rotten face. This is a highly-detailed and well explained tutorial with video clips included but it is also meant for the advanced Photoshop user. This tutorial will take you around 10 hours to complete.

How to Create a Crystal Cube with 3D Text in Photoshop Extended

Unfamiliar with the 3D features in Photoshop Extended? This tutorial is a great beginner tutorial to get you started with 3D text and objects - you'll learn how to create 3D text inside a square crystal. A full video tutorial is also included.


Combine a Crocodile with a Car to Create an Exotic Crocomobile

Merge a crocodile with a car to create this crocomobile! This is a great tutorial for those of you who like to combine animals with other things.

How to Create an Amazing Space Battle Scene in Photoshop

Create this futuristic space battle scene that will give you the nostalgic feeling of the Starcraft days. This fun tutorial by Jenny Le will show you how to create your own space background using the plethora of space stock photos, add some battle ships and asteroids, then complete the look with an easy vignette.

How to Create a Surreal Gothic Artwork in Photoshop

Learn how to create a surreal gothic photo manipulation. This tutorial by Siiri Kumar will show you how to create a photo manipulation with a flat and symmetrical look, combine objects together, and warp a face to make it look like a child.

Create Inspirational 3D Gold Text with Photoshop Extended

Create shiny gold text on a gray drywall background. This tutorial, which also includes a video tutorial, will show you how to create your own inspirational message artwork with the 3D tools in Photoshop.

How to Create a Colorful Retro Poster in Easy Steps

Create this retro-style wallpaper with shiny textures, lens flares, and bright colors. This tutorial by David Cox shows you how easy and fun it is to create your own wallpapers in this style.

Create a Romantic and Warm Portrait Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

A warm and alluring photo manipulation with breathtaking shafts of light. This Photoshop tutorial emphasizes on color matching and dodging/burning techniques.

Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation of a Monk in the Caves

This tutorial is highly rated tutorial by our viewers and it has some creative techniques in it such as using an image of a rope to form a 3D cube.

How to Create a Breathtakingly Artistic Winter Horse Illustration in Photoshop

This amazing photo manipulation shows new techniques for intermediate to advanced Photoshop users. You'll learn a variety of blending techniques, how to work with brushes, and more. It even comes with its own set of raw ink splatter scans that you can use.

How to Create a Photo-Realistic Metal Apple in Photoshop

How do you create a metallic apple with realistic reflections? This tutorial will show you how and it's very easy to do simply by using a "metal ball" stock photo.

Create a Colorful Retro Poster in Photoshop and Illustrator

Transform a photo into this amazing retro-style artwork using both Photoshop and Illustrator. This tutorial uses few stock photos and relies on creative techniques that can be used in your other artworks.

Create Dot Grid Art in 1 Click

Turn any photo into a dot grid artwork with these Photoshop actions. You'll get great results with dots that change size. They get larger in brighter areas and smaller in darker areas. Free download available.

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