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How to Create an Amazing Space Battle Scene in Photoshop

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  1. Nemanja says:

    Why i can’t see whole tutorial ?
    i can’t see more that step 6.
    I can’t see ships, asteroids, and high light at middle.
    Help me. :P

    1. Nemanja says:

      I found it. I need glasses for correction. ;D

  2. aungthanmdy says:

    thank you.

  3. Nick says:

    Where is the rest? Awesome so far…but the tutorial seems to end 1/3 of the way through. Am I crazy?

    1. Nick says:

      Nevermind, total fail on my part.

  4. lakshman says:


  5. Jimmy says:

    Amazing, espectacular el producto final…

  6. Sanctus says:

    yeah, I’m stuck at Step 2, how do you hide the black background. The source file I get is a .jpg file, not .psd file.

  7. aakaashrajesh says:

    the end result was awesome but the stary sky was different from yours.

  8. Strong says:

    Very nice image but starry sky stock broken link =(

    1. Photoshop Tutorials Editor says:

      Thanks Strong! We’ve updated the link with the correct one:

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is very good experience to me learn about the photo shop very good.

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