How to Create an Amazing Space Battle Scene in Photoshop

How to Create an Amazing Space Battle Scene in Photoshop
How to Create an Amazing Space Battle Scene in Photoshop

I copy a part from nebular image and place it on the right side :


I use layer mask to clear rough edges of it:


Call these layers as "nebula 1", "nebula 2".

Step 5

Make group for them as we did with planets and remember to change the mode of this group to Normal 100%. I add some adjustment layers to make color of nebula fit the rest of picture.



Color Balance:


Step 6

Open starry sky stock. Move it above nebula group and under planet ones, resize it to get the look below:


Change the mode to Screen 50%:


Duplicate this layer and move it to the right. Use layer mask and soft black brush to remove rough edges of this part:


Step 7

Move galaxy stock into our picture, place this layer on the top and resize it to be smaller. Situate it in the center of sky :


Change the mode to Screen 100% and erase unwanted parts with layer mask:


Make a new layer and set foreground to white. Use space brushes ( galaxy one, number 1262 or for your taste) and paint on picture as shown below:


Hit Cmd/Ctrl+T to transform its direction to fit the galaxy created before:


Add layer mask for this layer and any unwanted parts with soft black brush:


Step 8

Come back with nebula stock. I copy a part from this image and move it into our main picture, transform it ( use Cmd/Ctrl+T and Warp Tool - choose Edit-Transform-Warp) as shown below:


Lower opacity to 50% and use layer mask to remove rough edges:


Name this layer as "galaxy center". Add an adjustment layer for this part with Clipping Mask to create a suitable color for the rest of galaxy ( look at step 3 if you forgot how to make a layer with Clipping Mask).

Go to Layer-New Adjustment Layer-Curves:


Step 9

Extract spaceship and place it near foreground and downsize it :


Call it "spaceship 1". Duplicate this ship three time, transform and resize them into different movements. Position them at two edges of picture and name them from "spaceship 2" to "spaceship 4":


Make group for all spaceship ones. For spaceship 1 I add a layer with Clipping Mask and use soft black brush to paint on its bottom to darken it. Put the mode as Soft Light 100%:

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  1. This tutorial is absolutely terrible! It does not explain how to do most of it and just assumes that you know how to.

    1. I don't think the link is broken, it looks like the picture has been removed from that site :(

  2. I have problems with step 2... "merge all transparent layers." I can not do that!...How to remove black background photo of the planet? I mean, the planet without the black background

  3. Why i can't see whole tutorial ?
    i can't see more that step 6.
    I can't see ships, asteroids, and high light at middle.
    Help me. :P

  4. yeah, I'm stuck at Step 2, how do you hide the black background. The source file I get is a .jpg file, not .psd file.

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