How to Create a Flying Angel Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

How to Create a Flying Angel Photo Manipulation in Photoshop
How to Create a Flying Angel Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Step 22

Now you should make glow on wings. Choose Soft brush, opacity 60% #fff200 and #f7941d colors.

Step 23

Change blending mode to Soft light.

Step 24

Convert it to smart object. Choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur. Set it to 15,8 px.

Step 25 - skin retouch

Now you should make delight skin retouch. Add new layer. With soft brush #cea483 color, 23px draw as shown:

Step 26

With the same brush, #b38a6f color draw on arm.

Step 27

The same brush, change color to #1b0e0b. Draw:

Step 28

Choose soft brush, 2px, #806961 color.

Step 29

Below this, draw with #84664c 1px soft brush.

Step 30

On arm and hand draw with the same brush #676466 color lights.

Step 31

Then stroke a little further.

Step 32

Add layer. Again with the same brush, #3e4147 color, draw lights on drapery.

Step 33

Change color to #dc821c and draw orange lights on drapery.

Step 34 - hair

Add new layer. Now it's time to make hair. Try using long strokes, by taking colors from original hair. I used #726f70, #7a614c, #b39264, #bda078, #1e130f.

Step 35

On new layer, draw #ff9b27 strands. It will be looking like lights from wings.

Step 36

Add layer. Take soft big brush (40px) #290f00 color. Draw some strokes on model's face and hair. Then change blending mode to multiply.

Step 37

Again you should work on glow. Choose 100px brush #f7941d color (60% opacity) and draw strokes on wings and model's skin, then change blending mode to linear dodge

Step 38

You will take care about wing's particles. Choose #f7941d color, Rough round bristles brush and draw on the wings.
On this layer click RMB and choose Blending options. Choose outer glow.

Step 39

Add new layer and draw some strokes. I used 715px wide brush, #0054a6, #5674b9, #170a4a, #f39b0f. Then blur it (Filter > Gaussian blur: 250px).

Step 40

Then change blending mode to Soft light and opacity to 60%.

Step 41 - optional

You should change saturation of picture. Add adjustment layer (without clipping) > hue/saturation.

Step 42 - final

On adjustment layer mask, where is model.

Step 43

Finally add color balance layer (also without clipping).

Final Results

Download the PSD

Calm of

Tutorial by Monika Nowakowska

Thank you for following this tutorial - You are amazing! :) I am Monika Nowakowska - msRiotte - photomanipulator and graphic designer from Poland. I'm in love with design and coffee. If you want, like my facebook page. Have a nice day! - msRiotte
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  1. Great job I have learned a lot from your tutorial. Thank you so very much.Shading has always eluded me, but you made it seen so easy.

  2. I disagree, her English is fine. However, she should be more clear with some instructions. I mean, for example you tell people to add an adjustment layer or transform it. Sure, most of us know that but some don't. You need to tell us where to find it in brackets like this: (Cmd+T or Edit\Transform).

  3. I love this design it's really unusual and original
    it symbolises hope and death and matches my personality]
    please can you make some more pictures like this
    love you lots like jelly tots
    smithy blue

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