Create This Incredible Surreal Photo Manipulation of a Dancer in Photoshop

Create This Incredible Surreal Photo Manipulation of a Dancer in Photoshop

Step 20 - ROOK

In this step I will work on ROOK. The lower part of the tail does not look good. You have to add a few feathers.
But first use the Burn Tool (O) and make tail a bit darker.
Now use the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) and cut feathers. Use the Burn Tool (O) and make feathers a bit darker. Prepare various size of feathers.
Build the missing part of the tail.
I use 16 feathers for this.
The ROOK is ready! Add it to your final image.

Step 21 - Last Clouds

In this step I will add the last layers with clouds. Actually, we already have them ready, they need only a small improvement.
Make a copy layer with Cloud 6182 (Ctrl/Cmd+J). Delete the layer mask (Right click on the mask layer then click Delete Layer Mask).
Move  the cloud here:
Right click on your layer and choose "Convert to Smart Object". Now we are ready to add some Shadow/Highlights (Image > Adjustments > Shadow/Highlights). Here are the settings:
Click on the "Add layer mask" icon on the bottom of your Layers palette. Use a soft black brush to paint on the layer mask. The brush opacity should be around 20-50%.
Now, I will make copies of this layer again. Then, I will move it to the left side of the picture where I will paint on the layer mask and cover parts of the cloud that I want to hide.

Step 22 - Last lights

Now I will add the last light layers. Create new layer (Layer > New > Layer or Ctrl+Shift+N). Set the layers blending mode to Overlay and opacity to 100%. Use a soft brush on it and paint it with the color #d1d1d1,

Step 23 - Final Colors

In this steps I will add some colors. Create new layer (Layer > New > Layer or Ctrl+Shift+N). Set the layers blending mode to Color and opacity to 100%. Use a large soft brush and paint with the color #45443c.
Add a Curves adjustment layer (Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves). Here are the settings:
I deleted one layer because it was too bright. Here's the layer I deleted:

Step 24 - Extra color settings

Maybe someone will like them more. Create new layer (Layer > New > Layer). Set the layers blending mode to Divide and opacity to 25%. Use a large soft brush with an opacity of 50% and paint with the color #fff600.
I hope that you enjoy the tutorial. Best regards!

Download the PSD

Final Results

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26 comments on “Create This Incredible Surreal Photo Manipulation of a Dancer in Photoshop”

    1. It's in the "Tutorial Resources" zip file (BRICKS / MAIN_BRICK.psd)

  1. Why would you use a shutterstock copyrighted image that has to purchased? We cant use this dancers image at a deent size/resolution without purchasing it. Makes this tutorial kind of a fail :(

  2. All my eyes go to is that black shape on the right side of his right arm other then that this is a sweet tutorial thank you for sharing your mad skills

  3. awesome....... but have doubts... if you could provide a video tutorial it would be worth watching and learning....... :)

  4. Undoubtedly the tutorials you in handling fotografais are the best of the website would love to if I baber podeira copies some tutorials to put on my website sintando the source

  5. Panie Darku super robota. Jedyne 'ale' to latajace korzenie , cegly itp. Ogolnie bardzo fajnie i "czysto" wytlumaczone kroki. Jesli to mozliwe, w przyszlosci c hetnie skorzystam z Pana wiedzy. prosze o kontakt. pozdrawiam

  6. The overall picture looks good and you obviously spent much effort on it, thank you :). But some highlights and shadows of dancer, parts of ground, roots, and flying bricks are wrong :).

  7. This looks good but is so badly explained. You have steps that are lacking info and steps with unnecessary info. You don't need to tell us to "change the blending mode to normal and opacity to 100%" because that's done by default. Some instructions don't even say anything... It just says what image and blending mode but goes into no detail what was done. Good picture but sorry the tut is bad

    1. I think you are being too picky. Obviously this is not intended for beginners.

      But I agree with you on the excessive info. You don't need to tell people to set opacity to 100% when it's already 100% by default. It's annoying to read.

    2. And kudos to the author for offering to fix steps. Most people would get angry but you stayed cool

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